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Daniel Kivo, an Industry Authority Enabling Success for Entrepreneurs and Venture through Innovative Human Resource Strategies

The advances in technology and the general shift from traditional methods to digital-based channels of starting and scaling businesses have made it both easier and more challenging for entrepreneurs and their ventures to leave a mark in their target industries. Among their most pressing concerns is the saturation of the commercial space and the heightened degree of competition that goes hand in hand with the growing number of go-getters that are taking a shot at finding success. However, securing a spot in the cutthroat world of business is a dream that can now be realized with the help of tailored solutions, such as those offered by Daniel Kivo. 

A known enabler of success for emerging and established companies, Daniel Kivo is the strategic mind behind Hire VA Now. This standalone firm, which banks on the power of outsourcing, connects business owners with the top 1% of virtual assistants in e-commerce, digital marketing, web development, and more. From the get-go, he has led the company while religiously adhering to the values of honesty, integrity, ethics, and excellent customer experience—values that he’s nurtured in his years of experience. 

Since 2010, Daniel Kivo has stood as a force in numerous realms. In an accomplished career spanning a decade across marketing, sales, recruitment, and human resources, the Navy veteran, who earned a Communications degree from Vanguard University and took his Master’s degree at Claremont Graduate University, has worn many hats and occupied leadership roles in several local and international organizations.

Daniel’s exposure to a boatload of learning opportunities and challenging work environments has helped hone his skills and deepen his understanding of how to harness human potential. After serving as a human resource specialist during his deployment in Okinawa, he shared his expertise with Showdown Events Company. In 2016, he then joined Link Consulting, spearheading every phase of the recruitment process, including interviewing, sourcing, referencing, and negotiating with candidates. 

With an impressive portfolio attached to his name, it is no wonder why Daniel Kivo has risen through the ranks. While onboard the roster of professionals at Link Consulting, his reputation in the industry was further cemented by his much-needed contributions to the field, one of which is a data-driven candidate selection parameter that yields the possibility of hiring the best applications. In addition, he created an automated resume screening designed to reduce the time it takes to screen applicants’ CVs. 

Today, Daniel Kivo brings to the table innovative techniques that have been proven to up the human resource management game. Armed with skills in project management, talent acquisition, talent mapping, and succession planning, to name a few, he capitalizes on his competencies and pours his extensive knowledge into helping entrepreneurs and startups reach greater heights. 

In the years to come, Daniel Kivo is expected to remain a powerhouse as, despite the achievements he’s managed to snag under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down just yet. 

Learn more about Daniel Kivo by visiting his LinkedIn and Instagram page. 

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