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David Ayo Akerele Rises through the Ranks in Human Resource Consultancy

Possessing an impressive list of credentials, David Ayo Akerele is a man of many talents, skills, and abilities. He is a sought-after human resource consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and author. 

Many factors determine the success of an organization, one of which is its ability to anticipate and cater to the needs of its workforce to mitigate preventable turnover. The management is responsible for making sure that new hires are equipped with the right training, especially when it comes to implicit skills. It should also be able to keep its employees focused and motivated. However, not all companies are equipped with knowledge in these areas, and this is where David Ayo Akerele’s expertise comes into play. 

He holds a doctorate in Employee Turnover Management and Organizational Tacit Knowledge Retention from the prestigious Edinburgh Business School, as well as an MBA and two bachelor’s degrees from other institutions. He is also certified as a Project Management Professional and a Certified Business Analysis Professional. His substantial education and extensive knowledge have led him to a prolific career in the field of human resources. 

By trade, he is an esteemed process, employee turnover, and leadership consultant, and he has spent the past twenty-one years working extensively as a consultant in leading Fortune 500 companies all across the globe. He is also a member of the Canadian Management Consulting Association and of the Human Resources Professional Association of Canada, as well as an advisory board member to three US-based organizations. 

As an entrepreneur, he has founded many small- and medium-size organizations across many different fields such as training and development, immigration consulting, leadership development, value system and national transformation development, and employee turnover management. One such business venture is Larenjayo Inc., one of the top leadership and human capital training companies in North America and the world. 

David Ayo Akerele is also a successful author and writer who has written more than two thousand articles as a contributor to various online blogs and news articles in newspapers. He has also authored and published several books, one of which is called The Hunters and the Flock Keepers: A New Paradigm of Transformational Leadership.

What separates him from the rest of the competition is his eye for innovation and broad experience. One of his most notable accomplishments is when he developed scientifically tested business models, which has significantly helped reduce voluntary employee turnover and retention of tacit organizational knowledge. On top of that, he has consulted for at least seventeen organizations across different sectors like mining, banking, retail, real estate, and education. For these reasons, David Ayo Akerele remains to be the authority and go-to consultant in the field of human resource and leadership training.

In the future, the human resource expert aims to continue and improve his mastery in the domain of employee turnover management and organizational tacit knowledge retention. Another one of his goals is to be able to share his knowledge in leadership and national transformation issues through global speaking opportunities. He also plans on becoming a columnist for globally rated newspapers and journals.

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