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Daytona Beach Is the Hidden Treasure City in the United States for Early Investors, Tarek Naemo One of the City’s Entrepreneurs Explains Why

Florida is known for its rich history that dates back to the founding years of the United States. Long considered an outlier among Southern states, it contains several impressive projects for sale. While more specifically, Daytona Beach draws a steady stream of wealthy visitors – many of whom have made similar trips to Florida searching for a haven away from the rigors of everyday life.

To discover more about the city, our news team has picked a local investor and business strategist Tarek Naemo, a savvy entrepreneur who has unique insight on the city of Daytona Beach and global connection. Tarek’s ancestors hail from the oldest city in the world, Damascus. Raised in Great Britain, Tarek earned a degree in business management and gave his services in private security and

counter-terrorism fields. After the successful completion of the degree, he opted to pursue a career in real estate to start his journey as an entrepreneur.

Our interview with Tarek has provided us with valuable insight about Daytona Beach, FL and the future of the city. When we asked what makes him think that Daytona is the right choice for early investments, he described, “There are many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that if you invest in businesses, you will have a significant impact on the future of this country. People from all walks of life will be inspired to move here. Companies will create more jobs, save money on employee benefits, attract new clients, and expand throughout the country. This is just a reason why I believe in investing in Daytona.”

Daytona is rapidly gaining recognition as a tourism and entertainment destination whilst also emerging as a desirable spot to invest in real estate ventures. The northern tier city is home to the popular Daytona International Speedway social and sporting event. It hosts an annual major automotive gathering, the most prestigious and challenging racing series in existence: the Daytona 24 Hour. Established as an official partner for IMSA in 1971, this facility is among the most advanced training grounds and test grounds in North America for both forms of motorsport. It’s also home to some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in the business.

Tarek thinks that Daytona is an unlikely choice for an early-stage angel investor. With a population of just 170,000 (compared to New York City’s 6.5 million) and a GDP per capita of $3,200, it can be categorized as a ‘Small Town’. Yet over the past decade, it has taken off as a start-up destination for wealthy individuals looking to park their funds in a market that will definitely achieve a great capital appreciation.

Tarek went on to say: “The county has a soft College Years feel to it with its small population and

laid-back lifestyle, which makes it a great niche for early entrepreneurs”. Daytona’s unique positioning within the Real Estate market has transformed it into an attractive place for those looking to cash in on rising house prices without putting their entire life on hold. This makes it one of the most profitable markets in the country.

In terms of investing, Tarek sees Daytona Beach as an exceptional area to build long term success in real estate. The commercial real estate market is struggling now, and he stated that a struggling market is the golden opportunity. Tarek is also a firm believer in technological advancement and he plans to continue capitalizing on all of the new technology coming out to stay ahead of the competition. Tarek stressed the

importance of implementing new technology into marketing strategies and everyday work, and went on to say that investors who can’t adapt with the rapidly changing industry will become obsolete.

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