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Denise McManus Is Everyone’s Favorite Mortgage Expert

Despite the competitive nature of the real estate industry, thriving mortgage consultant Denise McManus has managed to stay on top of the game and deliver exceptional services to all of her clients. Instead of focusing on the competition, she chose to be more mindful of the needs of her clients, which easily made her the go-to person for any mortgage concerns. 

Best known for her ability to get things done, she has become the clients’ favorite consultant in the past years. This comes as no surprise to her peers, as Denise has always been one to add value to her services by giving them a personal touch. 

“I do things differently,” Denise McManus shared. “Some companies focus on loan volume, or margin per deal, or specialize in one type of loan for their growth. For me, I wanted to focus on the person, the family, and doing the right thing by each of them. I knew from there, the business model would grow exponentially. So far, it has worked.”

Denise attended  the University of Michigan. She then went on to become a television executive, running network TV stations, a profession that required her to move around the country a lot. Throughout her travels and relocations, she would check out real estate markets and become a student of the market characteristics. She was able to buy homes in several markets as part of her long-term investments. Little did she know that the real estate industry would have a lasting impact on her life, inspiring her to later give up her TV  career to become a full-time, licensed Mortgage Lender. 

She turned her back from the executive position she held in several networks and broadcast groups and decided to live a more quiet life with her family in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her love for numbers, however, eventually drew her into becoming a licensed mortgage consultant, a profession she deeply loves because it enables her to assist  people in building wealth with home ownership and it is a very personal purchase for most people. She established My Mortgage Expert to guide people in the process of purchasing their dream homes and real estate investors in their investment journey. 

A seasoned professional working with Top Flite Financial, Denise spends much of her time keeping her finger on the pulse of the real estate markets and that of the financial markets both of which ensure her abilities to guide her clients with expert advice.

“I really care about all of my clients,” Denise McManus added. “My company tagline is: We Put a Little Love in Every Loan We Do. There is truth to that! Everyone gets individual attention from application to funding and beyond! That just doesn’t happen in most places. Additionally, I understand how to structure a deal and not every mortgage is the same. Each loan has so many different characteristics, and a successful loan officer needs to be able to understand how to fit each of those together like a puzzle. It is about strategy. Very few loan officers or lending companies for that matter compete at this level.”

With her passion and dedication as a mortgage consultant, constantly putting her on top of the clients’ list, there is no doubt that Denise McManus has  evolved into someone who will make a lasting difference in the lives of multiple individuals and their families. She only sees herself becoming an even better consultant, someone who is making life a little easier for people who wish to live in their dream homes. 

To learn more about Denise McManus and her company, My Expert Mortgage, visit Instagram or connect with her on Facebook.

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