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Dior Announces Jay Chou as New Global Ambassador

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Dior Announces Jay Chou as New Global Ambassador
First Mandopop Artist As Global Ambassador For Dior Fashion
Popstar’s new single release on Dec. 22
Sets Record Of The Most Audience In Bangkok Stadium For Mandopop Artist

In a groundbreaking move, Dior has officially unveiled Jay Chou, the King of Mandopop, as its newest global ambassador. This marks not only Jay’s debut as an ambassador for a fashion brand but also represents a significant milestone for Dior as they present the first Mandopop artist in this role globally. 

December 12nd, 2023 – The King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, successfully ended his Carnival world concert tour at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand this past weekend. Notably, a series of stunning stage outfits caught much attention from the audience, adding an extra spotlight to the show. These outfits were designed by Kim Jones, the creative director of DIOR, exclusively for Jay’s stage performance. Today, Dior has officially announced Jay Chou as its exceptional new global ambassador, “The multi-talented international icon, singer, songwriter, director and actor Jay Chou is now global ambassador for Dior fashion and Kim Jones collections.” Not only is this the first time Jay becomes ambassador for a fashion designer brand, but also it’s the first time Dior presents a Mandopop artist as ambassador for its brand worldwide. The superstar will release a new single on Dec. 22, just before Christmas. 

In making the announcement, DIOR stated, “As our new global ambassador, Jay embodies the spirit and singularity of Dior style, a modernity with a timeless signature. Driven by audacity and creativity, this alliance celebrates more than ever the special ties uniting Dior and culture in all its forms.” 

Jay, in response to his latest appointment, said, “I am thrilled to join Dior as a global ambassador and am very grateful for Dior’s custom-designed stage ensembles for the concerts in Bangkok. We have been working together on the stage outfits and performing in Dior, which truly makes the stage experience incredibly special. I am looking forward to our journey ahead with Dior.

After two decades, Jay is finally back in Thailand for his concert tour, stunning his fans with spectacular show and of course eye-catching customized DIOR outfits designed by the brand’s creative director Kim Jones. Over 70,000 fans came to Jay’s two concerts in Bangkok, setting records as the first Mandopop superstar to achieve the most audience at the Rajamangala National Stadium. 

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Last year, the megastar’s music album release, “Greatest Works of Art,” marked a historic moment, making him the first Mandarin artist to break into the top 10 of the IFPI 2022 Global Artist Chart and top the Global Album Sales Chart. He also made outstanding achievements in crossing into the films and arts, with his previous debut in the Hollywood movies “The Green Hornet” and “Now You See Me II”, and his collaboration with Christie’s and Sotheby’s. As he always says life has no limits, this time Jay continues to spread his international influence with DIOR in a fashionable way.  

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