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Dirty Dawgs NFT Collection Aims to Provide Basketball Lovers with Epic P2E Tournaments in the Metaverse

Basketball is celebrated around the world. It has become one of the most iconic sports, with people of all ages passionately playing it. Sharing their love for basketball with the rest of the world through the digital space are the creators of the Dirty Dawgs NFT collection, featuring 8,888 unique characters stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dirty Dawgs are uniquely generated NFTs. Each token is assigned traits that make them completely unique from the rest of the collection. Created by some of the most talented digital artists in the scene today, Dirty Dawgs showcases 100 hand-drawn traits combined with algorithmically generated characteristics, producing something never before seen in the digital ecosystem. As one-of-one NFTs, each Dirty Dawgs has its own unique history. 

Dirty Dawgs NFTs will also provide holders with game-changing utilities and access to the highly-anticipated Baller universe, including an expansive play-to-earn game, a unique secondary market, and one-of-a-kind real-life experiences. Holders will also get the chance to participate in community events, earn great cash benefits, and many other perks reserved only for group members. Holders will also be granted a Baller in the metaverse, which will enable Dirty Dawg Coin earning potential in the long run.

“Holding at least 1 Dirty Dawg earns you a slot in our Tesla Model 3 live drawing giveaway! Our love for the game of basketball is the core of this project. With that being said, we will be giving away endless forms of entertainment to all holders, which include NBA tickets regularly, watch parties, and exclusive Web3 networking events as a means to give back to the community,” shared the creators.

The Dirty Dawgs NFT collection was created for people who share the same passion for basketball as the creators do. It is also for people who want to expand their network by being part of a community of like-minded individuals and taking part in something that serves a bigger purpose beyond themselves. As a community-centered project, Dirty Dawgs aim to give back to its community as much as possible through rewards, project growth and engaging them in a top-tier P2E game.

“The Ultra Rare Dirty Dawg holders (5) will split a $25,000 cash incentive after successfully minting an Ultra Rare. We are in the process of purchasing “The Dawg Pound,” which is an Airbnb that our Ultra Rare and Legendary holders will share 50% of the monthly revenue generated from renting the property out. The additional 50% of profits will go towards additional community giveaways, funding floor sweeps, play to earn development, and sponsor marketing efforts,” the creators said. “The Legendary Dirty Dawg holder will include a $25,000 cash incentive and is entitled to a lifetime reward of two tickets to the NBA Finals every year. Finals tickets are only provided through ownership; if the NFT is sold to a new buyer, that buyer is now eligible for the tickets.”

In the Baller metaverse, holders will have the opportunity to play in epic tournaments through their characters and gain the title of “Dirtiest Dawg.” The goal is to dominate the playing field with athletic skills and technical mastery of basketball and portray the willingness to go through continuous upgrades to become legends. Only the toughest characters will truly come out victorious and withstand cosmic competition.

“All holders will be able to take part in contests, giveaways, discord trivia, and competitions that will offer play to earn potential boosts and upgrades for your baller in the metaverse games launching later this year. Additionally, holders will also have access to our exclusive merchant store, which acts as a unique secondary market for our NFTs. The NFTs will be minted on in May of 2022 and will be available on OpenSea,” the creators revealed.

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