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Divine Detours

Hilary DeCesare
Photo Credit To: Hilary DeCesare

Today’s world of business often prescribes a conventional path to success, Hilary DeCesare, Peak Business Performance and Mindset Mastery Coach, and CEO and Founder of The ReLaunch Co., is powering things up with some unconventional, yet effective approaches to business and life. Hilary’s path has been anything but ordinary, marked by twists, turns, and pivotal moments that have reshaped her identity, career, and purpose.

A Family Legacy in Western Medicine

Hilary’s journey began against the backdrop of a family deeply rooted in Western medicine. Her father and grandfather were both orthopedic surgeons, and the message was clear: follow the prescribed path or face the highway. Initially, she acquiesced to tradition and pursued a pre-med track in college, but soon realized that this path did not resonate with her. Hilary recounts, “I’m so not pre-med. Nothing about it was inspiring to me.”

Standing at a crossroads, knowing that she didn’t want to pursue a medical degree, Hilary found herself facing a choice between psychology and anthropology as her major. After all, her Dad had reasoned, she was out of state tuition and may as well get a degree in something! She chose psychology, a decision that would ultimately set her on a transformative journey. She fell in love with understanding how people tick and embarked on a path that resonated with her at a deeper level.

Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

Hilary DeCesare

Photo Credit To: Hilary DeCesare

However, life had different plans for Hilary. Her stepmother’s battle with multiple sclerosis and cancer during her senior year of college led her to pivot and relocate from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. Her career focus shifted from jobs and careers in LA to those available to her in Silicon Valley. She embraced the uncertainty and allowed life to unfold organically.

In Silicon Valley, Hilary found herself excelling in high-tech sales, showcasing a unique talent for communication and persuasion. Yet, success on the surface did not equate to fulfillment within. Hilary reflected, “I switched everything up and just let things come to me. I went all in within the space of high-tech. Turns out I had a gift for sales and communication. It didn’t matter what I was selling. After a brief high on my own rising success, I once again found myself thinking, What am I doing? I’m selling software. It’s not a passion.

A Journey of Masks and Melanoma

Life continued to twist and turn. Hilary married, and conceived twins within a month, but ultimately faced a divorce that left everyone in shock. People looking in from the outside believed she had the perfect life and marriage. Hilary realized she had been wearing masks for various roles in her life, exhausting herself in the process. It was during this period that she was diagnosed with melanoma, and her journey of self-discovery deepened.

Hilary explains, “I had a mask for everything – one for each day, each meeting, each relationship. It was exhausting.”

Amidst the challenges and constant relaunches in her life, Hilary had a moment of reckoning. She collapsed onto her mother’s small bed, overwhelmed by questions about her purpose and identity. It was then that her mother introduced her to a book called The Secret, a concept unfamiliar to her at the time.

Once again, Hilary’s journey of self-discovery took a significant turn. She decided to try the principles outlined in The Secret and set an intention for her life. “I read the book and thought to myself, You know, there’s something here. I’m just going to try it. I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote that I wanted to meet John Assaraf, in person, within the next six weeks and that I would coach alongside him. I even wrote out a very brief curriculum of what I would teach. I folded the paper and put it in my pocket.”

A Divine Encounter with John Assaraf

Hilary did cross paths with John Assaraf in a hotel lobby within that six-week period and he became a significant influence in her life. She had the audacity to approach him and declare, “I will coach  your top CEO’s in your program some day.” Their meeting marked the beginning of a profound transformation.

Years later, Hilary did  coach CEOs under John’s mentorship and forged a deep friendship with him. It was during this time that she began to understand the power of manifestation and the alignment of her mind with her intentions.

The Unveiling of the G Zone

Hilary’s journey was far from linear. She faced numerous relaunches, which she describes as transitions leading to transformation. Her ability to navigate these transitions was rooted in her commitment to her “G zone” – her growth zone, gratitude zone, and great zone. She explains, “Growth is one of my core values, along with the joy of life and connection.”

Through introspection and conversations with her mother during her battle with stage 4 cancer, Hilary delved deep into her journey’s purpose. She realized that her path was not just about her personal success but about helping others unlock their potential. She began coaching individuals who had faced unimaginable challenges and found that they all shared one common trait: resilience.

The Tune-In Process: Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Hilary developed a powerful tool called the 3HQ™ Tune-In™ Process, inspired by a game she played with her daughter. 3HQ™  consists of  three major areas or what she refers to as your headquarters within you and the 3H’s are the head, the heart and your highest self  leaning into 3HQ™ helps individuals get out of their head and into their heart tapping into their highest self the best version of you. 3HQ helps break down and release limiting beliefs. She emphasized the importance of recognizing and releasing old patterns before redesigning one’s life. It’s a game she still counts on daily and plays with many of her clients and uses personally today.

Hilary is on a mission to empower others to live their best lives by embracing their authenticity and shedding their masks. She exemplifies the extraordinary power of vulnerability and resilience, proving that one’s journey of self-discovery can lead to a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Her life has been a tapestry of experiences, from a traditional pre-med path to a detour into psychology, the challenges of motherhood, the discovery of The Secret, and her transformative encounters with influential mentors. Through it all, she has emerged as a beacon of light, guiding others on their own paths of self-discovery, authenticity, and empowerment. Her story reminds us that the most extraordinary journeys often emerge from the most unexpected detours.

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