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DJ Don Nova: The Multi-Genre Disc Jockey Dominating the Music Industry with His Unmatched Creativity

Donald Noble, better known as DJ Don Nova, is a multi-talented American artist, DJ and serial entrepreneur hailing from Southside Jamaica in Queens, NY, the home of A-list celebrities like 50 cents and Nicki Minaj. Growing up in a single-parent household in the Baisley project, where kids ended up dead or in jail, the youngster was always the brunt of jokes for his outdated clothes. But rather than let that pressure him into a life of crime that was so rampant in his neighborhood, he made a vow to himself.

“I vowed to be in a position where I could get whatever it is I wanted within reason. That is why I hustle and grind as much as I do, never to be broke again,” he shared.

His musical journey began with his mother, whose innate love for music meant their small house was always filled with music and sound. So at an early age, DJ Don Nova was already able to be discerning with music, developing his craft as a DJ at just fourteen years old. His style was greatly influenced by watching some of the nation’s greatest DJs in his youth, including DJ Stretch Armstrong and DJ Clark Kent and the Bobbito show, the underground hip-hop show where all new artists popular today were first featured.  

As he grew older, so did his skills; and being a college-educated professional only enhanced his natural creativity. Now a highly sought-after wedding and event DJ adept with different genres of music, the skillful disc jockey shares that he does not cater to a specific genre. As a result, he has been featured on wedding magazines and blogs like “The Source” and “This is 50,” among others.

Despite his smashing success, Don Nova admits that growing up, he did not have a roadmap to get to where he is now. All he had was his positive energy, love for music, and a strong belief in God. He attributes his success to his mother and grandmother, who played a pivotal role in creating a value system for him and ensuring he was college-educated and his childhood church for instilling the moral uprightness to do the right thing at all times. “Never to steal and be a man of your word,” they taught.

Even at the peak of the pandemic, Don Nova stayed true to his dreams. “It made my hustle stronger. It forced me to run my business and increase my profile online digitally. I started streaming online, and I went from 17K to 30K followers on IG.  I started DJing online, talking to more people worldwide, and building a Fanbase outside of my city.  The pandemic helped me focus and utilize networking,” he said.  

The skillful artist recently released his new electronic album, available on all streaming platforms. The album showcases his raw creativity as a disc jockey. Further, it expands his portfolio while cracking open new windows of opportunities such as getting booked in eight countries to DJ. Besides actualizing his dreams as a disc jockey, he shared that some of the best moments of his life include experiencing the joy of fatherhood and watching his children blossom, “I never thought I would be able to do that and I did it,” he shared.  

In the coming years, DJ Don Nova sees himself becoming a global fashion icon, musician, and someone who definitely could get into world events through charity and non-profitable work. He wants to show every kid from the projects that their humble beginnings should not determine the rest of their lives as they, too, can achieve their dreams through prayer and hard work.

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