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DMTS Inspiring the Next Generation of Youth to Overcome Adversity

​​Life deals everyone blows at various points in time, irrespective of age. While some people have enjoyed the luxury of experiencing life from a position of ease and privilege, for some others, surviving through life to a certain age is a battle on its own. These life battles, without a doubt, can wreck any individual and render them useless and a liability to their community, but Deivone Tanksley has not only overcome his adversities; he is on a mission to help the upcoming generation avoid as many of these vices as possible.

When Deivone was just a teenager, he found himself in and out of jail. But luckily for him, thanks to his determination and never say die attitude, Deivone was given an opportunity that transformed his life. Today, he is an entrepreneur, a father, a community leader, and a philanthropist who is committed to helping young people find their path and contributing resources to their growth. Through a number of initiatives, the most notable being DMTS Network, young people are afforded a new lease of life away from crime, drugs and jail. 

Deivone is the founder and owner of “My wife didn’t cook restaurant,” he also founded DMTS Records independent record label/ publishing company, through which Deivone is leveraging his creative skills to write and produce music, with emphasis on young people who are endangered in underserved communities and people of color. In addition, he was in 2019 a Mayoral candidate, a decision he described as a way of consolidating his contributions to society.

With DMTS, Deivone is changing the status quo and rewriting history as he continues to take people out of the hood and help them make smarter life and career choices. DMTS is helping young people access environments where they can thrive, maximize their talents, monetize them and be an inspiration to others; for Deivone, there is no better way to contribute his quota to his community.  

“My story is what makes everything I do unique! Now I’m on a life mission to change the world little by little. Using all my platforms to bring change and build economic development.” He explained.

DMTS has just released his latest E.P under the flagship of his record label; the E.P titled “From Poverty 2 Prodigy” is a detailed account of his experience growing up, him catching a break and transforming his life into the man he is at the moment and the successes he has enjoyed thus far. Undoubtedly, Deivone has no plans of giving up on his mission anytime soon; for him, this is the only way he knows to touch lives, improve his community and arm the next generation with the tools they need to succeed. 

On his immediate and long term aspirations, Deivone said, “Becoming so influential and inspiring that I’m awarded the Nobel prize and also growing all my businesses and nonprofits to billion-dollar companies then donating millions of dollars to bettering the lives of others, help to end hunger and investing into a new world of young entrepreneurs.”

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