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Dog-Loving Mom and Daughter Prachi and Aahana Tyagi Shares About the Lives of Their Maltese and Shichon, Ollie and Bozo

Pet lovers are known for connecting with other pet lovers through their shared love for animals. Prachi Tyagi’s love for dogs is passed on to her daughter, Aahana Tyagi, who cares for their Maltese and Shichon breeds named Ollie and Bozo. Prachi and Aahana have decided to share their living experience with Ollie and Bozo by sharing everything about caring for them, especially their nutrition.

As first-time dog owners, Prachi and Aahana show how much they love Ollie and Bozo by trying new homemade dog food recipes. They aim to show other dog lovers that it is possible to avoid packaged food and spend some time making food for their beloved furry babies. They post at least two new recipes every month for other dog and pet lovers to make for their pets, with feedback from followers and subscribers on how much their recipes are well-loved by their audience’s dogs.

The mother and daughter started their YouTube channel a year ago, and the support they have gotten from netizens has been heartwarming that they have evolved their content. Beyond food and recipes, Prachi and Aahana film funny videos of Ollie and Bozo for YouTube and Instagram. As a result, many more have become fans by regularly watching these videos, making their pages one of the fastest-growing pet channels in the past year.

With over 12,000 strong followers on Instagram and 14,000 subscribers on YouTube, Prachi and Aahana are giving pet lovers new perspectives on how to care for their pets. “We just want to spread the message to all the dog lovers that our fur babies can’t speak/talk, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions. We need to understand their needs, especially when it comes to food. On our channel, we always try new food recipes and would love our viewers to try the same,” Prachi said.

Running a channel for Ollie and Bozo is an activity that Prachi and Aahana enjoy as it allows them to interact with other dog lovers. It also enables them to help owners discover new ways to improve their dogs’ nutrition without breaking the bank with packaged foods. “We don’t see we have any competition because we don’t do this for money. We have a passion, and we love to share our passion with all the dog owners and dog lovers. Many first-time dog lovers have reached out to us, telling us how our content resonates with them and has helped them become better dog parents,” Prachi revealed.

Prachi also never fails to acknowledge the challenges of caring for pets, especially for first-timers. “We know it becomes quite challenging, especially for the first-time dog owners, to get used to dogs, their needs and the kind of love they need. So we try to publish all these aspects in our videos to show that we struggle with these things too, but with patience, it becomes easier,” she said. The mother and daughter have also revealed that any income their social media pages and YouTube channel makes will be donated to various animal shelters to give the animals better treatment and a fair chance at survival.

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