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When Dog Trainers Need Help, They Look To Dylan Blau For Secrets To Growing Their Brands and Maximizing Their Potential Using Social Media

When you get a dog, it’s your responsibility to help it reach its maximum potential as well as to provide it with the best life possible. However, the truth is any dog can develop aggression or reactive behaviors, and it’s more common than you might think. Dog training has become a trendy industry to get into, yet becoming an expert dog trainer can take ten years or more, and some dog trainers would say it’s a lifetime journey of learning. While so many dog trainers focus on developing their skills, one of the most overlooked skills is how to use social media to grow their business and make more sales. Just as dog owners seek out expert dog trainers when they need help, dog trainers look to Dylan Blau for secrets to growing their brands and utilizing social media to maximize their potential.

Dylan Blau is an internationally renowned dog trainer who also happens to be one of the top social media experts in the world. He helped hundreds of dog trainers during the pandemic pivot to social media to keep their business growing and surviving during a time when many dog trainers and service-based industries struggled to keep their businesses open. Dylan teaches how to use his strategies for maximum exposure and understanding the value of being vulnerable and relatable. The most important factor is realizing social media allows your potential customers to see who they are going to do business with. Dylan says, “People don’t want to see perfect pictures and videos; they would rather see a genuine human being they can root for and watch the hero’s journey, improving the quality of the content along the way.” 

Dylan Blau was one of the original dog training pioneers to get on social media and start testing the limits. He was the first dog trainer to go live on Facebook and show a full one-hour training lesson, raw and uncut. He continued to disrupt the industry by showing hundreds of dog training lessons, live and unedited, helping untrainable or aggressive dogs. Dylan’s full transparency has earned him the respect of dog lovers and dog trainers all over the world. Over ten years later, he has achieved over 200 million views and over half a million followers on social media @WeAreDogTraining. More important to him is the number of dogs he has trained and the number of dog trainers he has empowered to help more dogs each year. His love for helping animals reach their maximum potential and work through any behavior has now expanded to helping his fellow dog trainers or entrepreneurs reach their true potential and work through any personal obstacles or limitations. 

Dylan continues to experiment and test the limits of social media to learn and keep his clients up to date with current trends, as well as teach them how to create their own trends. He was even one of the original beta testers for the social audio app Clubhouse, earning a spot as one of the Top 100 creators and still commands the stage as one of the most influential, thought-provoking voices of our generation. He continues to help people find their voice on Clubhouse and on newer social audio platforms like Twitter Spaces and Owwll, finding value in the unique social networking experience they provide. 

Most recently, Dylan teamed up with Felix Rosado III, a certified professional dog trainer and behaviorist. Felix is well-known for providing exceptional training and behavioral rehabilitation for family dogs without any tricks or gimmicks. Equipped with a passion for teaching dogs and helping people, Felix Rosado III has seamlessly blended his talents to offer a more nuanced form of dog training that caters to each dog individually rather than utilizing a cookie-cutter approach. 

Above all else, Felix is an unabashed dog lover who wants nothing more than for families to completely enjoy their lives with their dogs. He established Dog Training Beyond, a Dutchess County, NY Dog Training company, on the belief that each dog is different and the training process should reflect that. Felix makes sure to utilize training methods that adapt to each family’s dog rather than forcing these methods onto the dog and ultimately failing. 

Felix Rosado III has found tremendous success in his dog training methods by drawing inspiration from a wide variety of great expert trainers. Felix also continued under an apprenticeship in obedience, behavior, and protection to further expand his knowledge on all things related to our furry canine friends. Furthermore, he explains that there is still much to learn about dogs in general, so he devotes his time and energy to further studying their behaviors in order to apply innovations to his tried and tested system. Having people like Dylan Blau in your corner allows dog trainers like Felix to focus on what they love while implementing effective strategies to easily grow their businesses and tap into their true potential.

Looking to the future, Felix is excited to continue to double down on using social media to share his training method and unique perspective on how he trains dogs. With the help of Dylan Blau, every dog trainer’s best friend, Felix and Dog Training Beyond reach new levels of success using social media, ultimately helping more dogs than ever before.

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