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Dr. Hisham El Seddik Opens Up About His Entrepreneurial Journey and Setting the Standards of the Tile Industry

The business world is unforgiving, especially to the naive and newcomers. However, some individuals have dedicated their professional careers to paving a better road for future entrepreneurs and business owners. Among those is Dr. Hisham El Seddik, who focuses his energy on providing an educational platform for others.

Dr. Hisham El Seddik is a certified project management professional (PMP), certified crisis and risk management, and assistant professor in strategic management who holds a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is also the CEO of Porcellan, one of the largest porcelain companies in the UAE, which specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality porcelain tiles and distributes its products to more than 35 countries. 

For over 18 years, Dr. El Seddik has built himself to become a passionate leader with an exceptional track record in driving business growth by implementing efficient business strategies conjoined by sound exposure in all business operations in various industries. He has spent his career in MENA and Europe, driving businesses to profitability by implementing worldwide business standards supported by his sound judgment and visionary leadership. Dr. El Seddik possesses the ability and passion for developing the vision of all companies directed and managed by triggering performance improvement while delivering growth.

Dr. El Seddik has effectively defined business strategies (people and financial performance strategies) and the supporting various departments’ strategic plans, including marketing, sales, supply chain, training, and development, creating smoother business operations.

Currently, Dr. El Seddik is in the position of CEO for Porcellan. The company is committed to achieving operational excellence and becoming one of the top companies in the tile industry. Porcellan strives to fully utilize its production capacity, utilizing advanced technology to transform value for developers, distributors, homeowners, and customers through quality, competitive pricing, product customization, flexibility, on-time delivery, and reliability.

“I am the direct link between the chairman and overall Porcellan operation,” said Dr. El Seddik. “With the extensive knowledge and by keeping abreast of trends within the ceramic market inside and outside of the Middle East and in the international market, providing innovative insights to new product development and making the company capable of easily and successfully competing in the regional and global markets.”

With a long career and plenty of experience and knowledge, Dr. Hisham El Seddik has a lot to offer to educate executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for a mentor on the leadership side. In addition, he is looking to share his entrepreneurial journey to inspire and motivate the youth to follow their dreams and build resilience in times of uncertainty. Dr. El Seddik believes no one else in the market can do a better job than him, having survived the COVID-19 crisis and helped Porcellan thrive. Additionally, he has qualities like leadership and humility to help him thrive as a coach to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Dr. Hisham El Seddik hopes to elevate his career and pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavors, a goal he is working towards within five years. “I would love to share my journey and how I transitioned from being a CEO of one of the biggest tile companies in the Middle East to starting my own entrepreneurial journey,” he revealed.

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