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Dr. John Kelly: Restoring People’s Smiles and Boosting Their Confidence

A great smile adds to a person’s personality and confidence level, and these days, dentists have expanded their capacities to include dental care that improves looks and boosts confidence. Dr. John Kelly, the founder of Kelly Smile Design, is one of the shakers in cosmetic dentistry, helping people regain their confidence.

As a cosmetic and complex restorative dentist in Chicago with over 25 years of experience, Dr. John Kelly has developed and implemented dental care services that work. He has catered to thousands of clients who now credit their confidence boost to him and his procedures. Dr. Kelly has developed four core services that contribute to improved dental care and results. One, his practice offers Smile Virtual Consults. With this specialized service, you can take a selfie smile, list your concerns, and Dr.Kelly sends a personal video answering all of your questions. It’s an easy way for people to find out what is possible for your smile and how he can help. The second core service is a Smile Test Drive. Instead of showing another patient’s photos or creating a digital rendering on a computer, people can see what a new smile would look like in their own mouth. This shows what people would look like with veneers. The third unique service is Smile Shaping. It’s a combination of reshaping the edges of your teeth, teeth whitening, and gum recontouring. This is a veneer alternative and a very conservative way to get your smile to the next level. The fourth service is Facially-Driven Smile Design. Dr. Kelly looks at more than just teeth. He looks at how the smile fits with facial features. How teeth blend naturally to your face, to give you the smile you want. 

Dr. John Kelly wants to show people that there are new possibilities and medical techniques they can explore to achieve the confident smile they have always wanted. He’s showing people that not all veneers are the same and that all smiles should not be the same. His knowledge and expertise have taken him places, lecturing nationally and internationally on facial aesthetics, cosmetics, and functional dentistry. He’s also published in medical and dental journals regarding smile design, airway, and physiology.

The highly esteemed cosmetic dentist is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry, the board of the American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry, and of the American Autonomic Society. 

The motivation to keep running his practice comes from seeing how many lives he has changed over 25 plus years. Social media has further shed more light on people going through these dental challenges, and they have been able to find help.

“I am motivated by giving people a smile that they may not have thought was possible. I am motivated by showing people options and the process of creating a revitalized smile. I am motivated by helping people get their confidence back. Helping to create a transformational smile is a significant change in someone’s life. We help people feel excited and confident in their decision to improve their smile,” Dr. Kelly said.

Over the next few years, he sees Kelly Smile Design helping more people improve their lives through beautiful smile designs. He also sees the practice growing and serving patients from all over the country.

“We will continue to innovate and provide unique opportunities for people to achieve a beautiful smile. We look to continue to be the leaders in cosmetic dentistry through new technology, patient education, and enhancing people’s lives. We will continue to upgrade our knowledge and treatment to stay ahead of the crowd. Looking ahead, we will build upon the foundation of the countless smiles created, and hope to give more opportunities for more people to achieve a confident smile,” he said.

He’s also passionate about giving back to the community by being involved in the Give Back a Smile Program, Women in Need Foundation, Fellowship Housing, and the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

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