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Dr. Joseph Jacob Develops Advanced Soft Tissue Release to Help People Manage Pain by Themselves

Dealing with pain is one of the least desirable things people go through. While nobody likes it, it’s unfortunate that many people live with pain daily. Dr. Joseph Jacobs lived with a lot of pain after his second cancer treatment that he could not continue to bear.  He dealt with chronic migraines, fatigue, and intense body pain that didn’t look like they would go away. This prompted him to start researching different ways to get rid of pain. His research led him to invent the Advanced Soft Tissue Release treatment, which has turned things around for him and is also changing the lives of thousands of people.

During the pandemic in 2020, many people living with pain struggled to get urgent care due to the lockdown and movement restrictions worldwide. He was struggling too and living through pain every day. He decided to do something about it and started creating self-treatment programs. Dr. Joseph Jacobs used medical tools and online self-treatment programs for muscle and joint pain and came up with a top-selling product that worked for not just him but his patients too.

Since his success with other patients, he has been invited to give a Tedx Talk. Dr. Jacobs’s solution has empowered patients to do more for themselves at home rather than spending time going all the way to a hospital to treat pain. Dr. Joseph Jacobs’s online program contains steps to use those medical tools, the right nutrition, exercises, posture, ergonomics, and behavior modifications that ensure pain relief.

Creating ASTR and building a brand, ASTR Institute, around it was motivated by his desire to give other people the same liberation he found with his pain. “I wanted to help millions of people experience the same pain relief that I experienced after I underwent my second cancer treatment,” Dr. Jacobs noted. His five-year goal is to build the ASTR brand into the gold standard approach for at-home self-treatment for pain. Dr. Joseph Jacobs wants people to think about ASTR when they think about pain and how they can treat it at home.

The bulk of the success that ASTR has enjoyed so far is based on Dr. Jacob’s developing a program designed for a problem he has experienced. The programs are simple and take less than five minutes to complete per body part per day. They are also highly effective for active clients like athletes who need to release scar tissue, fascia restrictions, and reduce inflammation in certain parts of their bodies. Dr. Joseph Jacobs understands that he has created something helpful and is committed to spreading the gospel to as many people as possible. “I know people are often reluctant to change, but ASTR is here to stay and help as many people as we can. The goal is millions of people, but we take it one person at a time,” he said.

Learn more about ASTR Institute on the official website or read more about Joseph Jacobs’s story here.

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