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Dr. Joseph Nyangon on Supercharging Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Technological advancements are rapidly transforming industries with advances such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), advanced process automation, 5G technology, and automated surveillance. Information technology (IT) is at the forefront of the changing dynamics in most industries, creating opportunities for digital transformation as more companies embrace technology to reshape their operations for efficiency, connectivity, and improved security. The rapidly changing market dynamics and demand for infrastructure modernization and interconnectivity in the oil and gas industry are supercharging digital transformation as companies shift from traditional or manual operations and processes to automation. Oil and gas companies stand to gain the most from AI-powered applications, big data, and advances in IoT for increased efficiency, surveillance, and restructuring. Achieving flexibility and integration across all networks while utilizing data to expand operations, exploration, drilling, and transportation efficiency will continue to be the industry’s primary focus. Improving connectivity and process components using analytics will significantly increase production throughput and efficiency while adding billions of dollars to upstream operations.

Dr. Joseph Nyangon, an energy economist, digital transformation expert, and energy innovation researcher, has advised companies through digitalization’s complexities. His background in engineering, economics, and regulatory policy has enabled him to navigate the intricacies of integrating advanced technologies to achieve efficiency and connectivity in the oil and gas industry. He supports companies in the sector to implement and integrate digital technologies like radio-frequency identification (RIFD), Bluetooth, Fiber, Wi-Fi 6, lower-power WAN IoT solutions, and 5G to improve productivity. With a Ph.D. and postdoctoral degrees focusing on energy economics and engineering systems, he advises upstream and downstream business players on their digital transformation journey as a necessity for improved productivity, increased cost savings, higher efficiency, and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Dr. Nyangon believes technology-driven innovation and analytics can add significant value to all upstream and downstream processes. Implementing advanced interconnectivity in the oil and gas industry can significantly improve device integration and strategic partnerships across the supply chain and operations. By transforming oil and gas processes to utilize advanced technologies for enhanced operations and deliver increased value efficiently, firms can uncover unmet customer needs to meet rapidly changing market and industry dynamics. Reaping the benefits of improved productivity, higher efficiency, and increased cost savings requires the industry to progress toward digital maturity in workforce management, operational efficiency, and interconnectivity of processes. 

Connectivity drives digital transformation to deliver increased value. Dr. Nyangon has supported the industry in operationalizing frontier connectivity technologies and value propositions to streamline operations and processes, including implementing 5G digital technology, low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, Wi-Fi 6, fiber optic, and LPWAN IoT applications. “For the oil and gas industry to streamline operations and minimize adverse environmental outcomes,” Dr. Nyangon observes, “careful integration of critical devices and collaboration tools are needed for rapid operational decisions.” However, adopting connectivity technologies by oil and gas firms requires a unique blend of technical competencies. Dr. Nyangon offers technical support, guidance, and advisory to these firms to create a unified “network of networks” for connecting a vast array of new digital solutions and devices across upstream, midstream, and downstream stages.

Supercharging digital transformation in the oil and gas industry requires a unique blend of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge. Dr. Nyangon offers his unique experience and expertise to the industry to deploy IT solutions requiring AI, big data, 5G, ML, and other emerging frontier technologies to provide high-quality connectivity for all connected devices. His unique skills in guiding a shared digital transformation vision and workforce collaboration have enabled him to influence and instigate change for increased flexibility and efficiency. Dr. Nyangon is also a proponent of building digital intelligence through a responsible and just transition to a low-carbon future by forging ecosystem partnerships with commercial and private businesses to facilitate network sharing and investment in mission-critical IoT connectivity technologies.

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