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Dr. Luca Grassetti Perfects His “Mommy Makeover” Using Abdominoplasty and Mastoplasty Surgery

A lot of mothers struggle with their body shape and weight after giving birth. Shedding off the excess pounds they have gained over the course of their pregnancy is a real and challenging battle that, when left unattended to, can result in serious mental health problems. Dr. Luca Grassetti, a physician specializing in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, has the perfect solution to help mothers regain their ideal shape. His “mommy makeover” procedure combines Abdominoplasty and Mastoplasty surgeries. 

Dr. Grassetti is popular in the medical industry for his postpartum surgeries. It is a known fact that a lot of mothers go through Diastasis of the Rectus abdominis muscles, a condition characterized by the separation of two rectus muscles caused by an abnormal distance. Moreover, mothers who just gave birth are known to lose the elasticity of their belly and breast skin, resulting in sagging. These changes in a woman’s body tend to make them lose their self-confidence. But with the help of Dr. Grassetti’s “mommy makeover” procedure, patients can have the tone, volume, and muscular continence of their bodies recreated. All these are made possible using a minimally invasive procedure. 

More details of Dr. Grassetti’s “mommy makeover” is discussed in his book “Rebirth Pathways: The 5 Steps To Inner Wellbeing Through Plastic Surgery,” published by Bruno Editore. As can be expected, the book became an Amazon best-seller for its effectiveness. Interestingly, Dr. Grassetti was able to successfully combine plastic surgery with personal growth and inner rebirth principles. For him, these methods dramatically heal the soul of a hurting woman and allow her to regain her youthfulness and vigor.

Additionally, Dr. Grassetti is also best known as the Wizard of Rhinofiller, a technique designed to correct nose defects in a non-invasive and painless manner. For the most part, it is the procedure of choice of many influencers and celebrities seen on television. “Even I am amazed every time to see tears of happiness in the eyes of patients who, after a Rhinofiller, look back in total disbelief,” the doctor shared. 

Confident of his track record and exceptional work, Dr. Grassetti does not mince words when asked about the quality of his services. “We are unique in the ability to make our patients feel at home, to drive them toward wellness and self-esteem. We are the best in Italy to realize Rhinofiller in a manner similar to a real operation of Rhinoplasty. We have the best functional and aesthetic results in mommy makeover operation after pregnancy,” he said.

Dr. Grassetti patiently developed his exceptional credentials over time. He finished Medicine and Surgery at the Marche Polytechnic University with honors, solemn commendation and Dignity of Press. He then moved on to specialize in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery with honors. He obtained the European specialization in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS) in 2012 and is currently a Visiting Consultant at the best international aesthetic surgery clinics.

His passion for surgery was triggered in 2007 after witnessing the face reconstruction of a friend who encountered an accident. Since then, he has continued to pursue further studies and training to transform himself into one of the world’s best surgeons. He eventually worked as the Medical Executive at the University Clinic of the Regional Hospital of Ancona. During the time, he gained experience in the reconstructive traumatology and oncology sectors, working closely with the best Ophthalmologists, Otolaryngologists, General Surgeons, Senologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Thoracic Surgeons, Hand Surgeons, Cardiac Surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Urologists.

Dedicated to the value of medical research, Dr. Grassetti passionately wrote more than 50 scientific publications in respectable medical journals and several chapters in books on plastic surgery. 

Despite his seemingly busy work schedule, Dr. Grassetti knows how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one that gives him time for sports, leisure, and relaxation so he can stay fit and productive. He is also a passionate leader who envisions empowering future surgeons to do the kind of work he has started in the medical field. The long-term positive impact he has on the lives of his multiple patients is something that he considers his lasting legacy.


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