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Dr. Marcelo Hochman: Championing Choice and Reform in Healthcare

Dr. Marcelo Hochman
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In the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, amidst the bustling streets and historic architecture, resides a beacon of hope for a healthcare system in dire need of reform. Dr. Marcelo Hochman, a double board-certified surgeon, stands as a disruptor in the medical industry, advocating tirelessly for the power of choice in healthcare.

With a career spanning decades, Dr. Hochman has witnessed firsthand the flaws and injustices embedded within the current healthcare system. From patients drowning in medical debt to doctors restricted by bureaucratic red tape, the status quo has failed both caregivers and receivers of care.

Indeed, the broken healthcare system extends far beyond financial woes. Patients are often restricted by non-compete clauses, while rural communities struggle to access quality healthcare. Meanwhile, dedicated doctors find themselves trapped in a system that prioritizes profit over patient well-being.

Dr. Hochman refuses to accept this reality. As the president of Independent Doctors of South Carolina (IndeDocs), he is on a mission to put the power of choice back into the hands of patients and physicians alike.

“It’s about putting the power of choice back into the hands of patients and physicians,” Dr. Hochman asserts, emphasizing the importance of disrupting the bureaucratic stronghold that often dictates healthcare options. From his private practice to his advocacy work, he’s dedicated to ensuring that individuals have access to high-quality, doctor-driven care, free from the constraints of a broken system.

Central to Dr. Hochman’s mission is education. He believes that by empowering people with knowledge about their healthcare options, they can navigate the system more effectively, saving money and receiving better care in the process. His efforts extend beyond the confines of his practice, as he tirelessly champions legislative projects aimed at reforming healthcare policies and removing barriers to choice.

Through IndeDocs, Dr. Hochman advocates for the independent practice of medicine, where doctors have the freedom to prioritize patient care over corporate interests. By uniting colleagues and providing valuable advocacy and education, IndeDocs seeks to dismantle the barriers that hinder patient access to high-quality, doctor-driven care.

Dr. Hochman’s commitment to healthcare reform extends beyond advocacy. As the founder and medical director of the Hemangioma International Treatment Center, he provides pro-bono care for children with vascular anomalies, embodying the spirit of compassion and service.

But Dr. Hochman’s efforts do not stop there. He is a fierce advocate for legislative projects aimed at dismantling the bureaucratic hurdles that plague the healthcare system. From repealing Certificate of Need laws to prohibiting economic credentialing and non-compete clauses, Dr. Hochman is committed to building a healthcare system rooted in choice and accessibility.

“Everyone deserves the freedom to make choices for their own care and practice,” Dr. Hochman asserts. “By improving options in healthcare today, we will create better medicine and better physicians in every community.”

Through initiatives like and, Dr. Hochman has demonstrated his commitment to improving access to care, particularly during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. By distributing essential personal protective equipment to independent practices and advocating for the repeal of Certificate of Need laws, he’s worked to create a more equitable and accessible healthcare landscape for all.

Dr. Hochman’s dedication to healthcare reform goes beyond legislative action; it’s deeply rooted in his personal ethos. Inspired by his upbringing and family values, he’s driven by a desire to give back to his community and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive quality care.

As he reflects on his journey from Venezuela to the United States, Dr. Hochman’s commitment to service and innovation shines through. From his early aspirations of becoming a physician to his current role as a leader in the field, he’s remained steadfast in his pursuit of a healthcare system that prioritizes choice, compassion, and excellence.

For Dr. Hochman, the path forward is clear: “Give people control and access to the one thing that we all rely on, yet have little control over—healthcare.” Through education, advocacy, and a steadfast commitment to change, he’s paving the way for a brighter future in healthcare—one where choice is paramount, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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