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Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti Helping Others Live the Best Life Possible through His Spirit-led Approach to Coaching and Mentoring

Guidance is a necessary part of life, and people worldwide are constantly seeking it in various aspects of their lives. Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti has established himself as a holistic coach and mentor who helps people be the best they can be through professional guidance and coaching. As a seasoned public speaker who has graced many church conferences and life-changing workshops, Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti has spearheaded a charge to help other people chart their life courses. He has a TV show that airs on The Now Network cable, where he broadcasts his message and teachings to thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti has spread his influence worldwide from Africa to Europe and America. He was named in Yahoo Finance’s Top Ten Mentors to Follow in 2020 and was recently featured in Disrupt Magazine, talking about removing the fear of failure to achieve success in life. He has been featured on numerous local shows talking about his life experiences, strategies, and greatest passion—his commitment to Spirit-led coaching and mentoring of  people.

He has come a long way in building his skills and experience as a life success coach and mentor. He has acquired all the  relevant education and degrees to enable him to be successful. Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti obtained various degrees from the University of Greenwich, London, and Surrey University, Surrey. In 2017, he acquired a Doctorate degree in Divinity, which has helped him thrive in his holistic spiritual methodology that has helped many people. “I help transform lives with my proprietary process that takes people from being stuck to thriving in their life purposes. With the help of God, we have proven results, and the work never stops,” he said.

As a pastor and happily married man for more than 30 years with three children, Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti has numerous life lessons—both successes and failures—to share. He incorporates them into his methodologies so his audience can benefit from it. His practice focuses and targets men and women between 29 and 49 years old—that is, people at the peak of their lives and may be going through a midlife crisis.

Building his brand was born out of his passion for seeing people transform their lives and experience success. “There is so much going on for many people to deal with all by themselves. It’s not enough just experiencing them and hoping they go away. I help people develop the strategies for not only surviving but thriving in life, which means working with these people to give them better insights and help them focus and gain clarity on where they’re headed in life,” Dr. Oluwa-Tofehinti explained.

His five-year goal is to continue helping people and building his brand. “It is more of a marathon than a sprint. My brand’s sole goal is to see thousands get successful and make their dreams happen,” Dr. Olu said. “I hope people can step up to change their lives and set themselves free from everything holding them back,” he added.Learn more about Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti on his official website and get updates on his recent activities on his official Instagram and Facebook pages.

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