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Dylan Wolfe Rising Country Artist Set to Take 2022 by Storm

Much like the oil that has seemingly permanently stained his hands from years spent in the field, Dylan Wolfe has weathered plenty of his refinement in his music career so far. He began his career singing on open mics and around campfires, and it took a couple of opportunities before he got on a stage or had the attention of an audience. Even then, his love for entertaining people shone through, and although some may focus on his exterior grit and toughness, Dylan’s gentler and softer side is seen in his passion for spreading smiles across faces of every age and the family values that are woven into both his community and his fans. 

Now a country rockstar renowned for his soulful voice and intentionally relatable lyrics, the Illinois native is bringing back the heart of rock n’ roll in every show as he plays with a mesmerizing mix of alternative influences and country. The acclaimed success of his hometown anthem, “The Way I See It,” speaks for itself, and with over 250,000 views across all streaming platforms, it is a fan favorite. When Dylan is leading from the stage, you would not see a single soul in the crowd not singing along with him.

The rock musician shared his most outstanding quality as an artist in an interview. He said, “My voice has always been what stands out to others and garners the most comments. It’s not your typical country-sounding voice, and I enjoy being able to infuse what I love about rock music into my songs and shows. I’m not afraid to play crazy covers at shows—especially if they can swing the crowd’s momentum. But I enjoy singing songs that make a person feel something special.”

After a hectic year-end to 2021, the new year looks to be Dylan Wolfe’s biggest yet. Currently, he is working one four new songs with producer Sean rogers. Dylan also has decided to align himself with good friend and marketing guru Drake Tigges Ceo of Youngville Agency to help usher in 2022 correctly.

In the coming years, Dylan Wolfe aims for an upward trajectory in his career. “My expectations for myself are high, and I’ve overcome and achieved things that people said weren’t possible! I stop at nothing to earn what I want, and I don’t have one ounce of quit in me! So I’d like to see myself playing stadiums in 5 years or making my debut at the Grand Ole Opry. Then, who knows, maybe even participate in an awards ceremony? But I don’t care if it takes ten years. I won’t quit,” he says. 

As an acclaimed artist who grew up dirt poor and from humble beginnings, Dylan Wolfe is proof that believing in your dreams and hard work is a powerful combination to make the life you want for yourself. “You have to work at ANYTHING you want,” he advises. “It’s possible. Be honest, be humble, easy to work with, and never be afraid to try something new. You may be used to the boots you’re wearing, but you never know there may be a different style, just a few shelves down that fit way better!”

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