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Egbase Makes Fintech Telex’s Top Nigerian Lawyers In California

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Los Angeles-based attorney, Anthony Obehi Egbase has made the list of Fintech Telex’s top Nigerian lawyers in California, United States (US).

Egbase, who was called to the bar 27 years ago, was recognized among nine other California-based Nigerian attorneys in the US.

‘’Beyond the courtroom, these legal maestros play a vital role in sculpting a landscape where rights are protected and the rule of law is upheld. This recognition is not merely a showcase of legal prowess; it’s a celebration of the profound influence these Nigerian attorneys exert in shaping the ethical fabric of the global community in the USA,’’ Fintech Telex wrote.

Egbase, the head of AOE and Associates Law Inc., specializes in banking, bankruptcy, and international law, marking his niche in the legal space. In the course of his nearly 30-year career, he has carved a distinguished path in legal representation, showcasing unparalleled expertise across class action litigation and asset recovery. Egbase’s legal acumen has led to a series of notable successes, with one of the most significant achievements being the successful retrieval of $350 million General Sani Abacha Loot, which he secured for Nigeria.

Egbase’s reputation precedes him, and his prominence in Los Angeles attracts a cadre of influential figures, including esteemed political leaders. Notably, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama sought Egbase’s counsel, inviting him to the White House to discuss strategies for fostering peace and stability in Nigeria. His insights and expertise were valued, underscoring his influence beyond legal circles.

Also, his contributions to international relations go beyond legal representation. Former US Secretary of State, John Kerry, sought Egbase’s expertise in evaluating waivers for Nigeria’s procurement of essential military arsenal from the US. His involvement in pivotal discussions highlights his multidimensional role in facilitating critical decisions with global implications.

Fintech Telex writes that Egbase’s legal journey demonstrates his comprehensive approach that transcends traditional legal practice. His impact extends into impactful international relations, where his counsel has played a pivotal role in shaping discussions of national and global importance. His ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and contribute meaningfully to international diplomacy underscores the breadth of his influence and expertise.

Egbase’s career trajectory was highlighted as a testament to legal prowess but also a demonstration of dedication towards national and international causes. His commitment to securing assets for Nigeria and his involvement in discussions pivotal to the country’s stability and progress underscore his profound impact on both legal and diplomatic fronts.

Reflecting on Egbase’s recognition, Fintech Telex’s Editor, Damilare Famuyiwa stated that his achievements and contributions to the legal landscape, both domestically and internationally, are truly commendable. His dedication to the practice of law, particularly in areas such as banking, bankruptcy, and international law, sets a remarkable standard within the Nigerian legal community.

According to Famuyiwa, Egbase’s successful recovery of the late General Sani Abacha Loot, among other significant victories, showcases his legal prowess and commitment to serving the interests of Nigeria. ‘’His notable impact extends beyond legal realms; his counsel has been sought by influential figures, including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry, highlighting the depth of his expertise and influence in diplomatic circles.

‘’It is professionals like Egbase who exemplify the essence of legal excellence and demonstrate the crucial role lawyers play not only in advocating for justice but also in shaping international relations. His inclusion among our esteemed list underscores his standing as a legal luminary making substantial contributions within and beyond the legal sphere.

‘’We, at Fintech Telex, extend our congratulations to Anthony Obehi Egbase for this well-deserved recognition. His dedication, expertise, and significant achievements continue to inspire and set a standard for legal practitioners, showcasing the immense impact lawyers can have on the global stage,’’ he wrote.

Aside from Egbase, other notable recognized California-based Nigerian lawyers are –David Ndudim, and Doreen A. Emenike.

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