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Eliad Cohen Drops Dance Single “Rolling in the Deep by Adele” Featuring Michael Ben David

Eliad Cohen Drops Dance Single “Rolling in the Deep by Adele” Featuring Michael Ben David
Photo Courtesy: Eliad Cohen

In a world that craves authenticity and connection, music often serves as the universal language that bridges gaps and unites hearts. This spring, the global dance floors are set to pulsate with a new rhythm destined to become the anthem of friendship and love. “Rolling in the Deep,” a captivating dance track collaboration between two of Israel’s celebrated gay pop culture icons, Eliad Cohen and Michael Ben David, promises to be more than just a song. It’s an experience, an emotion, and a celebration of unity.

Eliad Cohen, renowned for his electrifying electronic beats, has once again demonstrated his musical prowess with this latest offering. After mesmerizing audiences with “In Common,” a track released in February 2024 featuring Nikki Valentine from The Voice Brazil, Cohen is back to set the summer ablaze. Joining forces with him is Michael Ben David, whose guest vocals lend an enchanting depth to the track. Together, they have crafted a song that resonates with power and passion.

“Rolling in the Deep” is not just any dance track; it’s an ode to friendship’s enduring strength and love’s transformative power. The title itself is a nod to having someone’s back through thick and thin. In today’s fast-paced world where genuine connections are rare, Cohen and Ben David remind us of friendship’s irreplaceable value. They invite listeners into a melodic journey that underscores the importance of supporting each other amidst life’s trials.

Released on March 22, “Rolling in the Deep” encapsulates emotions that are both raw and relatable. Its electronic beats are meticulously engineered by Cohen to get your heart racing and feet moving. Meanwhile, Ben David’s vocals add a layer of sincerity that turns every note into an embrace. Together, they’ve created not just music but magic – one that promises to reign over dance floors worldwide.

Both artists have been vocal about their intentions behind this collaboration. They aim not only to entertain but also to inspire their audience through their artistry. This song is their way of highlighting how crucial it is for people to support one another – showing love isn’t just about grand gestures; sometimes it’s simply being there.

Their message has already begun resonating across social media platforms where fans eagerly await the track’s release. With Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music links buzzing with anticipation, it’s clear that “Rolling in the Deep” will be more than just a song; it’ll be a movement.

The visual aesthetics accompanying this auditory masterpiece draw heavily from both Cohen’s and Ben David’s personal styles — vibrant yet meaningful; extravagant yet authentic. Their Instagram pages offer glimpses into their creative process and build excitement around their upcoming hit.

This collaborative effort goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as an emblem of unity in diversity—a reminder that music knows no boundaries or prejudices; it simply speaks heart-to-heart.

As summer approaches and “Rolling in the Deep” readies itself for its global debut, one can’t help but anticipate its impact—on charts, on dance floors, but most importantly on hearts worldwide seeking solace in companionship during trying times.

Eliad Cohen and Michael Ben David have indeed created something extraordinary—a track that pulses with life’s highs and lows encapsulated within a rhythm melody poised to redefine what truly means ‘roll deep’ friends and lovers alike.

With each beat drop lyric sung anthem emerges not only season but era: where love transcends all barriers becomes force unites us all undeniable strength shared humanity echoing long after last note fades.

As we await its release let us remember essence what these two artists strived create: A world united rhythm friendship love rolling deep together against odds proving once again power music bring us closer than ever before.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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