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Embrace Fitness with Open (and Swole) Arms by Shopping with Muscle Hoodies

Embrace Fitness with Open (and Swole) Arms by Shopping with Muscle Hoodies
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The Muscle Hoodies brand is the culmination of spirit from a group of eclectic workout lovers who feel that fitness can be attained by people of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Led by fitness veteran AnnaMaria Luciano, the Muscle Hoodies’s vision is to introduce a “trendy, cool & supportive” version of the gym industry, where she could develop the community of fitness she’d wished for after beginning her muscle journey 12 years ago. An acute knack for innovation drove the founder’s vision to create a gym hoodie to combat the toxicity present in the social media era of fitness while encompassing values that redirect the reality that anyone can achieve their fitness goals. As Muscle Hoodies gained traction, its founder recruited a group of friends to scale the community, inviting customers across the globe to grow as the company continues to become a beacon of support for any individual embarking on their fitness journey. 

Muscle Hoodies wants to create a “positive & inspiring” environment for gym lovers of all creeds. Its products are a reminder that mental health is just as, if not more important than physical health. Each hoodie purchase contributes a donation to mental health-related organizations nationwide. Muscle Hoodies apparel fuses casual fitness wear with eye-catching designs and slogans that invite fitness participants from all levels to enjoy some swag as they work toward becoming their best selves. Each item retains the functional performance of modern athleisure brands while holding to the company values of sincerity, openness, and community. For example, in the Fall Basics collection, the brand incorporated neutral fall tones with the uplifting message “Fall In Love with Yourself” on a set of shorts, a jacket, and the Basic Bandeau Workout Bra to remind the ladies interested in fitness of the company’s core values.

To complement their apparel, Muscle Hoodies provides a fascinating line of accessories that include personalization items such as stickers, socks, a barbell band, gym backpacks, a trendy line of custom lifting belts, and patches with motivating messages and themes. As the fall concludes and we transition into winter, now is the perfect time to pursue your fitness goals and look good while doing so. Check out Muscle Hoodies Fall Blowout Sale for a unique assortment of t-shirts, shorts, crewnecks, zip-up jackets, backpacks, leggings, patches, and other fitness-related essentials for up to 50% off! Muscle Hoodies’s Holiday collection, available now, highlights the winter season, delivering a fun list of ugly holiday sweaters, Christmas-themed leggings, and thematic scrunch shorts to ensure the gains don’t stop, not even for the holidays. 

Previous displays include a Fall 23’ Basics collection, Emotions collections, and a cleverly themed “Stronger Things” collection that plays on the hit Netflix show that took the nation by storm. Muscle Hoodies want to expel the vanity and show-off-esque nature of the modern fitness climate, where the means of Instagram likes to determine the self-esteem of an individual’s fitness path. The brand states that “Muscle Hoodies are reminders to be as kind to your mind as you are to your muscles”, citing mental health as a serious priority for those interested in not only improving their fitness but also their wellness.

Mental health plays a pivotal role in fitness for the individual, and Muscle Hoodies’ vision of creating a fitness community that encourages uplifting the self is on the rise with their characteristic attire.

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