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Embracing Ingagement – An In-depth Interview with Leadership Guru Evan Hackel on his Ultimate Edition of ‘Ingaging Leadership’

Embracing Ingagement - An In-depth Interview with Leadership Guru Evan Hackel on his Ultimate Edition of 'Ingaging Leadership'
Photo Courtesy: Evan Hackel

By: Michael Beas – Atlas Elite Publishing

Explore the innovative perspectives of renowned leadership expert Evan Hackel as he presents his most recent work of art, “Ingaging Leadership – The Ultimate Edition.” In this captivating story, which he weaves from his own life-changing experience, Hackel discusses the importance of engagement—a core idea in his leadership philosophy. Using moving examples from his experiences—such as bringing a family business back to life and leading Flooring America’s incredible turnaround—Hackel shows how involvement goes beyond traditional leadership models and enables people to fully represent the mission of the company they work for. In this exclusive interview, Hackel provides a thorough analysis of the transformational potential of engagement, as demonstrated by the outstanding development that CCA Global Partners has experienced under his direction. In addition, he explores how leadership is changing and advises managers to use technology to their advantage while fostering a culture of focused listening and unrelenting inquiry in order to develop inspired and capable workers. “Ingaging Leadership – The Ultimate Edition” offers practical insights to realize the full potential of organizational greatness, making it a beacon of hope for leaders attempting to traverse the complexity of contemporary leadership

Can you talk about your background and the journey that led you to your current role and expertise?

I learned about the power of sharing a vision in my family business which I helped grow from $3 million to $25 million in four years. Then while I was at Flooring America, I learned the power of listening and having a shared vision. Flooring America was a company in bankruptcy that I was able to turn around and grow from $700 million to $2 billion in four years.

In your book Ingaging Leadership, you emphasize the concept of “ingagement.” Can you explain what this means and why it’s important for leaders?

As you notice, “Ingagement” starts with the letter “I,” which in essence means that everyone in the organization knows that he or she is not just working for an organization but IS the organization. It all starts when you stop focusing on delegating work to people and engage their hearts and minds. Ingaging Leadership lays out the steps to making it happen. 

Can you describe a time when Ingagement has delivered superior results?

CCA Global Partners, where I worked for 20 years, had an average annual growth rate of 29% because as a company we practiced Ingagement. 

How do you think leadership strategies have evolved in response to changes in technology, remote work, and other contemporary factors?

Technology has revolutionized leadership by enhancing communication, training, decision-making, flexibility, employee engagement, learning, and overall organizational efficiency. Leaders today need to embrace and adapt to technological advancements to stay effective in an ever-evolving business landscape. Technology and online marketing have also led today’s leaders to embrace selling online. The result? Today’s leaders are also technology leaders. 

What advice would you give to leaders looking to create a more Ingaged and motivated workforce?

Start with Ingaged listening, which you practice by listening to discover what people are saying that is right, not wrong. Then follow up by encouraging curiosity in everyone in your organization. You start that process by becoming intensely curious about everything that is taking place in your business, your sector . . . and your life

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