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Empowering Women: Jai-Leta Colvard’s Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

Empowering Women: Jai-Leta Colvard's Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

In the bustling city of Atlanta, amidst the vibrant entrepreneurial scene, resides a remarkable woman whose journey of resilience and advocacy is inspiring many. Jai-Leta Colvard, a Douglasville resident, found herself at a crossroads when a hypertension diagnosis prompted her to embark on a transformative path towards holistic well-being.

Empowering Women: Jai-Leta Colvard's Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

Photo Courtesy: Just Jai Wear

The journey began with a simple yet profound desire – to reclaim control over her health and empower others along the way. “Once I discovered that hypertension, I wanted to get in the best shape of my life,” shares Colvard, reflecting on the pivotal moment that ignited her journey. With unwavering determination, she delved into a rigorous workout regimen, driven by a profound desire to inspire and uplift women facing similar challenges.

Empowering Women: Jai-Leta Colvard's Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

Photo Courtesy: Just Jai Wear

In 2017, fueled by her passion for fitness and empowerment, Colvard launched Just Jai Wear, an Atlanta-based fitness apparel line. Starting with activewear designed to offer both style and functionality, Colvard aimed to provide women with the confidence and support they need to pursue their health goals. “I wanted them to feel good about themselves. I wanted them to feel comfortable,” she explains, emphasizing her commitment to inclusivity by offering sizes ranging from small to 2X.

However, Colvard’s journey took an unexpected turn when tragedy struck amidst the backdrop of the pandemic. Grieving the loss of a friend in a devastating ATV accident and grappling with the passing of two beloved grandparents, she found herself navigating the depths of mental anguish. “I went into mental psychosis, suicidal ideations, to crisis,” Colvard candidly shares, revealing the profound impact of her experiences on her mental health.

Amidst the darkness, Colvard found a glimmer of hope through the unwavering support of medical professionals, therapists, and a personal trainer. For 90 days, they worked tirelessly to guide her through the tumultuous waters of her mental health journey, igniting a spark of resilience within her. Bolstered by their support and guided by her own experiences, Colvard emerged from the depths of despair with newfound clarity and purpose.

Empowering Women: Jai-Leta Colvard's Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

Photo Courtesy: Just Jai Wear

In the wake of her own struggles, Colvard channeled her energy into a noble cause, founding Space of Grace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial support for individuals seeking mental health assistance. “We provide financial support for individuals to participate in the 90-day mental health program that saved my life back in 2020,” she explains, highlighting the organization’s mission to offer a lifeline to those in need. Most recently, Space of Grace hosted Shining Light of Hope, a special gathering studded with performance and emotionally-stirring experiences to celebrate the value of community, perseverance, solidarity and access to mental health support for all.

Partnering with health professionals, Space of Grace strives to bridge the gap for those who cannot afford mental health support, advocating for accessibility and inclusivity within the healthcare system. Additionally, Colvard’s commitment to giving back extends to supporting breast cancer survivors, with a portion of Just Jai Wear proceeds allocated to Space of Grace and Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. Her work in fashion, fitness, empowerment and mental health has taken the notice of various media platforms who share the good work she does for women and the community.

Meanwhile, Just Jai Wear continues to make strides in empowering women through fashion and fitness. Beyond offering stylish activewear, the brand has expanded its initiatives to include heated apparel lines and corporate partnerships. Colvard’s dedication to supporting mental health extends to her business endeavors, with a portion of Just Jai Wear proceeds contributing to Space of Grace’s initiatives.

As Colvard continues to navigate the intersection of entrepreneurship, advocacy, and personal growth, she remains steadfast in her dedication to empowering women and fostering community. With initiatives like the upcoming “Pretty Girl Power Brunch,” she invites fellow entrepreneurs to join her in supporting causes that uplift and inspire. “We need to grow together,” she asserts, emphasizing the collective power of collaboration and solidarity in effecting meaningful change.

For Women’s History Month, Jai-leta leaves the following tips for women around the world:

  1. Knowledge sharing – Spend some time learning about women’s contributions and share with otter women.
  2. Amplify women’s voices -I will share my story on my mental health struggles and I strongly recommend other women be vulnerable and share their stories.
  3. Support Women-Owned business – promote the advantages of the product on social media
  4. Advocate for gender equality – we deserve an opportunity to have a seat at the table
  5. Honor Women in your life – I celebrate my mentor Marliyn Johsnon, former exec. of IBM, has been instrumental in my success.

In the heart of Atlanta, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, Jai-Leta Colvard stands as a beacon of resilience, hope, and empowerment. Through her unwavering commitment to wellness and advocacy, she reminds us all of the transformative power of resilience and the boundless potential within each of us to effect positive change in our communities and beyond.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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