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Enchant by Parisa Extends the Joy of Reading into Real Life with Book-Related Novelties

The past few years have witnessed a revival of intellectual interests and engagements. Along with the worldwide community’s open pursuit of knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, people recognize the value of literature. To make literature and book-related merchandise more accessible to the general public, Parisa Mirza-Khan established Enchant.

Parisa Mirza-Khan is a self-described voracious bibliophile. Her decision to launch Enchant stems from her desire to develop her hobby into a brand. Based in San Jose, California, Enchant provides a platform for like-minded individuals to purchase book-related products. Enchant by Parisa has become a one-stop-shop for children and adults looking to buy items for themselves or gifts for spreading joy.

Book lovers consider Enchant as the ultimate destination to find literature-inspired novelties. The brand’s diverse product offering includes tote bags, clothing, and jewelry. As any avid reader knows, powerful literature often instills an unshakeable desire to extend experiences and emotions into real life. Enchant by Parisa makes this dream into reality by helping her customers dress up their homes or bedrooms and recreate the vibe of their favorite book characters.

Parisa Mirza-Khan’s goal is to make a difference in her customers’ lives through excellence, high standards, ethics, and integrity. Bookworms find fulfillment in reading because of their immersion in diverse perspectives and lifestyles. Given literature’s role as a celebration of the human experience, Enchant by Parisa actively supports social reform causes like the Black Lives Matter movement. The company donates 10% of all proceeds to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to aid in the fight against racism.

Enchant prides itself in its support and empowerment of minorities and ongoing involvement in addressing global events. In addition to social issues, the brand is also advocating for environmental protection and green production. Enchant by Parisa cares about the planet and climate change, as reflected in its Partial Eco-Friendly line of sustainable products.

Its commitment to quality products allows Enchant by Parisa to cater to the needs of vigilant shoppers, readers, book novelty lovers, and gift-givers. The brand’s conscious business processes also attract activists, social reformers, and global citizens, exhibiting literature’s universal appeal.

Parisa Mirza-Khan is living out her dream of starting a company revolving around books and supporting social reforms. “I am able to leave a legacy for my children, my community and empower women around the world,” says Parisa. However, like most of life’s pleasures, the joy of reading is best shared with others. Parisa updates her social media followers on the latest books she is reading, book reviews, interviews, and other content regarding literacy. 

Enchant by Parisa spreads the message of finding fulfillment and joy within the pages of a beloved book. Founded in 2020, Enchant has already established itself as the go-to novelty shop for all things book-related. This achievement is a testament to the strong presence of a community thirsty for knowledge. Enchant founder Parisa Mirza-Khan’s experiences are also an inspiring tale of success in sharing one’s hobbies and passions.

To learn more about Enchant by Parisa, you may visit its website.

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