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Enormous Iodine Reserves Revealed by Lia Neumann in the United States – A Game Changer for Global Health

Enormous Iodine Reserves Revealed by Lia Neumann in the United States - A Game Changer for Global Health
Photo Credit To: Lia Neumann

We are all accustomed to referring to America as the land of abundance when it comes to accessing economic success. Now, with the discovery of these vast iodine reserves pioneered by Lia Neumann, it can also be celebrated as a land rich in resources vital for the health and prosperity of people worldwide. Indeed, it is an astounding discovery that will resolve the many challenges of accessing clean water worldwide while helping the American economy move forward. 

Iodine: A Precious Element

Iodine is a trace element in some foods and the Earth’s crust. Not only is it essential for the proper function of the human body, but it also plays a crucial role in the agricultural sector and in various industrial applications. Iodine is instrumental in the efforts of water purification and the development of a variety of electronic components. Pharmaceutical companies also rely heavily on iodine to produce certain drugs and medicines. 

Having a passion for developing cheaper solutions for cleaning water, Lia Neumann knew that she could not only help the world with this mission but also assist many other industries around the world. With the discovery of these generous reserves, many industries across America can continue their essential work. 

Enormous Iodine Reserves Revealed by Lia Neumann in the United States - A Game Changer for Global Health

Photo Credit To: Lia Neumann

A Discovery Spearheaded by Lia Neumann 

The newfound and bountiful iodine reserve in the United States is astounding because it is found to be even higher than the iodine reserves in Japan. Its investigative efforts were led by Lia Neumann., the president of IBL Elements. She and her team specialize in oil-processed water purification technology that extracts iodine and its derivatives from salt water. Lia always had a hunch that there were hidden treasure troves of iodine somewhere in the United States. After all, Russia doesn’t have iodine, and Ukraine, her home country, has very little of it, even though there was a whole investigative institute, Iodobrom, established for the research and extraction of iodine in the region. Though the efforts of this institute are intensive, their reserves are nearly as vast to create the lasting impact that can be achieved with the large quantities found on American soil.

Geological surveys and exploration efforts conducted by IBL Elements have revealed vast deposits of iodine-rich minerals in Oklahoma, with a jaw-dropping volume of 200 micrograms per liter. The sheer scale of these reserves surpasses any other nation, giving the U.S. unparalleled control over this crucial resource.

The implications of this revelation are multifold, and as a result of this discovery, Lia Neumann will be leading the efforts in building an iodine extraction plant in Hennessey, Oklahoma. To support further studies of the extracted iodine, there are plans to open an institute for researching and extracting iodine, lithium, and monocrystals. 

This discovery and the projects surrounding it are significant and groundbreaking because of the positive implications on a regional, national, and global scale. Regionally and nationally, these projects will require more human capital, resulting in added jobs in the American economic system.  The global impact of the efforts of iodine extraction led by IBL Elements are as follows: 

  • Improved health worldwide through the availability of iodine to produce supplements and drugs. 
  • Advanced agricultural growth through the enhanced availability of iodine-rich fertilizers will boost the growth of crops and livestock health. This alone will contribute to food security on a global scale. 
  • Iodine’s role in various industrial processes, including electronics and pharmaceuticals, means that a stable supply can stimulate technological advancements and economic growth.
  • Many countries currently rely on imports to meet their iodine needs. With the United States now possessing the world’s largest reserves, it can reduce global dependence on iodine from foreign sources, potentially stabilizing prices and ensuring a more consistent supply.

Ms. Lia Neumann also made it her personal mission to see the development of an economically sustainable water purification solution using iodine extraction technology. The goal of these efforts is to provide clean water globally at a lower price for struggling third-world countries, which is now more possible than ever before with the nearly bottomless supply of iodine in the heart of America. Lia’s heart and passion lies in helping her own people especially when it comes to improving its environment. Lia plans to use the extracted, non-radioactive iodine from Oklahoma to help with the work surrounding the cleaning of Chernobyl.

This iodine discovery will provide further opportunities for economic growth as IBL Elements plans to use it to accomplish many other goals at various levels of national and global economic and environmental development. The world market will benefit from an increased supply of iodine derivatives supplied by the United States reserves, becoming a self-sufficient leader in iodine supply. 

Special Projects Underway Using Iodine

Lia Neumann also has the unique assistance of her son and advisor, Ilia Neumann, as she navigates the many projects the company is taking on. As a highly achieved sprinter with multiple records, Ilia uses his experiences to help move the company forward. His sporting achievements help him evaluate business through a unique, highly ambitious, and technologically progressive lens and to develop new ways of using iodine.

A Land of Plenty: U.S. as the World’s Leader with the Largest Iodine Reserves

Contrary to previous notions, iodine is far from a deficit; it is found in bountiful quantities in Oklahoma, the heart of the American Great Plains. Are you intrigued by these astounding iodine reserves found right on American soil? The opportunities are great, but all developmental efforts require financial investment and human capital. Find out how you can get the best return on your investment by partnering with IBL Elements in this mission to purify water using iodine purification technology.          

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