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Eric Martel on Starting Young to Build an Impressive Investment Portfolio

A lot of young people still do not realize the value of starting out early when it comes to preparing for a stable financial future and even retirement. Mostly, they live out their lives without including a solid financial plan that will allow them to build their savings early, generate some passive income, and maybe retire earlier than they expect. Real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker Eric Martel believes in the value of starting to invest early, and this begins by educating people as early as possible to work on it and choosing the kind of investment that suits their goals. Eric knows this all too well as he is now reaping the benefits of starting early after purchasing his first apartment building at the age of 18. 

While he tried other types of investments over the years, he realized that some of them had too many risks involved. In 2001, he lost millions of dollars during the Dotcom crash, prompting him to focus on passive income and stop trading time for money. He tried his luck in a gourmet sauce company, but he eventually found himself going back to where he first started, a familiar investment platform that he considers his first Iove—real estate rentals. A few years after he had that realization, he established MartelTurnkey, which is now a thriving real estate company serving multiple clients. Four years after establishing his company, he was able to quit working as an  independent consultant and focus all his energy on scaling up MartelTurnkey.

Eric has reached a point in his life when he wants to share how he fast-tracked his financial stability and teach the younger generation to avoid the same pitfalls he encountered along the way. Today, he is offering mentorship, which includes a weekly one-on-one recorded video call. His Financial Freedom Fast Track program is an accelerated learning initiative that will teach students the basics of investing in Real Estate Rentals and achieving financial freedom. It also comes with a personalized strategy, tools and resources, and accountability. 

Those who enroll in the program also get a copy of Eric’s book Stop Trading Your Time for Money. They will also have access to Eric’s Proprietary Market Statistics Database, off-market deals, ARV data, Rental Property Analyzer, loans, insurance, contractors, and property managers. Additionally, Eric will also educate his students on business formation, LLC creation, joint ventures, and partnerships. Most importantly, he will also teach them how to find money when they need it for deals. 

Overall, the Financial Freedom Fast Track is a three-month program and students are expected to be able to at least invest eight hours of their time weekly and dedicate it to learning-by-doing. Within that three-month period, students will be empowered with the right strategy, tools, and resources to get where they need to go.

Apart from his businesses and Financial Freedom Fast Track program, Eric also hosts his weekly podcast called Break Away from the Rat Race, where he discusses new business trends and opportunities. 

Raising the next generation of financially stable individuals is something that Eric envisions for himself long-term after having achieved his own financial success. And convincing them to start early is his greatest legacy as an entrepreneur and investor. 

Find out more about Eric Martel by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for updates on his latest projects.

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