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Eric Martel Teaches Others How to Break Away from the Exhausting Rat Race

Most people wish to retire early. After all, spending most of one’s life slaving away for a day job that does not guarantee a comfortable retirement is not an ideal situation. Cognizant of this, Eric Martel, a real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, has created several projects to help ordinary folk become financially stable. 

His podcast and web series are both titled the Break Away from the Rat Race. It talks about how someone can break free from the draining and exhausting rat race perpetuated by an exploitative system. In addition, it teaches the audience how to break the cycle and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. 

The insightful man is also a best-selling author who has written the educational book Stop Trading Your Time for Money. It discusses essential topics such as how someone from the middle class can achieve financial stability and how they can provide a legacy for future generations. It also explores the benefits of early retirement. In addition, he is also a reputable contributor to business publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and

Through his impeccable body of work, Eric Martel has guided and enlightened hundreds if not thousands of individuals about the importance of pursuing economic stability; what allowed him to become an expert on this matter is his vast business knowledge and extensive experience as a real estate investor.

His first-ever exposure to the industry happened when he was only 18 years old. He purchased his first building when he was still a university student. Since then, he developed a passion for real estate, which he used to scale his remarkable brand MartelTurnkey.

The founder and entrepreneur had demonstrated his business acumen and innate entrepreneurial skills when he scaled the firm to greater heights in just four years. In doing so, he has successfully accomplished what he is advocating for—financial freedom and early retirement.

But aside from his success, his firsthand encounter with struggle turned out to be an even more substantial experience. He initially struggled to find the right industry where he could thrive and feel fulfilled; he has been all around, from the tech industry to building startups. On top of that, he suffered a tremendous financial loss during the dot com crash in 2001.

As it turns out, going through countless adversities has strengthened his character and resolve to go on. Furthermore, it has opened up his perspective and helped him realize a more significant role that he plays in other people’s lives. 

Since making these realizations, Eric Martel has not stopped trying to connect with people. He uses his incredible journey to success to guide others on what they should do and avoid. In the future, the one-of-a-kind individual hopes to pursue his advocacy to a broader audience worldwide. 

Find out more about Eric Martel by checking out his official website and social media accounts on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. You should also listen to his show on Apple Podcast and watch his web series on this YouTube channel. For more information about MartelTurnkey, visit this link.

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