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Eric Ranks: Crafting Change with Every Sip and Story

Eric Ranks: Crafting Change with Every Sip and Story
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In the vibrant tapestry of modern entrepreneurship, few stories resonate as profoundly as that of Eric Ranks, the founder of 22 Salute™. His journey is not just about creating exceptional bourbon and coffee; it’s a narrative woven with deep commitment, empathy, and a relentless drive to uplift communities. Eric Ranks’ mission transcends business norms, marking a path where profit meets purpose and products become potent symbols of hope and support.

A Flavorful Venture with a Heart

Imagine a bourbon infused with the rich, sun-kissed sweetness of mission figs and the exotic essence of Madagascar vanilla beans. This bourbon isn’t just another liquor on the shelf; it’s 22 Salute’s Fig-Vanilla Bourbon, a collaboration with Dragon Distillery in Maryland. But why create such a unique blend? Ranks shares, “This consistent request, from both dedicated consumers and intrigued retailers, highlighted an opportunity to diversify our product lineup.” This bourbon isn’t just a drink; it’s a message in a bottle, echoing Ranks’ dedication to quality and his unwavering support for veterans and first responders.

More Than Just a Coffee

Ranks’ vision brewed another remarkable product line – 22 Salute™ Coffee. These aren’t just any beans; they’re a tribute to the veteran community. With his eye for exceptional quality, Ranks partnered with a Navy Veteran to offer coffees infused with Texas Mesquite wood during roasting. This unique process isn’t just about crafting a bold flavor; it’s a heartfelt nod to the brand’s ethos of supporting those who have served.

Every Purchase, a Purpose

The ethos of 22 Salute™ stretches far beyond the realm of taste. It embeds a profound sense of responsibility and charity. “We predominantly source from Veteran-owned enterprises,” Ranks explains. The brand supports veteran businesses and dedicates part of its profits to The Veterans Connection and other charitable events. Each bottle and coffee pack sold is a step towards helping veterans and first responders face their challenges with dignity and support.

Authenticity in Advocacy

Eric Ranks’ story isn’t shrouded in unattainable heroism; it’s relatable and real. Striking a delicate balance, Ranks uses his personal experiences and platform to advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. His openness and vulnerability are potent, as he shares, “I hope to resonate with others and remind them that adversities can be surmounted.” Ranks represents the power of turning personal trials into a universal message of resilience and hope.

Looking Ahead with Ambition and Empathy

As Ranks looks toward the future, his aspirations for The Veterans Connection and 22 Salute™ are deeply interconnected, rooted in community support and empowerment. The goal? To grow these initiatives into broader, more impactful ventures – supporting veterans and first responders across the U.S. and globally. With plans to diversify their offerings and bolster their impact, Ranks envisions a world where each bottle of bourbon or pack of coffee seeds lasting change.

A Toast to Transformation

Eric Ranks and 22 Salute™ stand out not merely for their innovative products but for embedding a larger mission into the fabric of their business. In a world often driven by profit, Ranks balances the scales with empathy, quality, and dedication to those who have served and sacrificed. His journey reminds us that entrepreneurship can be a powerful vehicle for societal change, where every sip and brew carries the essence of hope, support, and transformation.

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