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Erick Garcia Touring the World with his Guitar

Erick Garcia Touring the World with his Guitar
Photo Courtesy: Patrick Meraz

Guitarist Erick Garcia is electrifying the music scene, especially in Los Angeles, where he has performed on the stages of iconic venues frequented by legendary bands. West Hollywood is home to some of the world’s most legendary concert venues, and as the guitarist of the heavy metal ensemble Nox Sinister, Garcia has been seeing on renowned spots on The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, which is still a musician’s rite of passage. Erick has performed at venues such as The Viper Room or El Cid. He has also been seeing rocking his guitar in other famous places in the City of Angels, like and Universal Bar and Grill, to name a few. Most recently at Bobby Vs Cocktails in Anaheim, where the band delivered a performance that left the audience in awe. From the instant Erick Garcia took the stage, he held the audience mesmerized, delivering blistering jams and intense solos that reverberated through the venue. His stage presence was magnetic, commanding attention with every chord he struck and every headbang he executed.

Playing in venues like The Viper Room, El Cid, and Universal Bar and Grill offers more than just a platform for bands to showcase music. According to Garcia, these experiences are crucial for the band’s growth and identity. In an exclusive interview with US Reporter, Erick shared that “playing in all these venues gives you a different idea on how to act on different stages with different kinds of audiences and how to handle problems that can arise both on and off stage,” Garcia explains. “Our show has some theatrics, and we usually adjust them to fit the stage we’re performing on.”

But Erick Garcia’s musical career doesn’t stop in Los Angeles. With his band Nox Sinister, he has toured across Europe with more than 20 shows in 30 days in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland etc. Erick Garcia says that “we got a lot of experience from that trip”.

Garcia collaborated also with another well-known band in the heavy metal world, To Us Below (singers of “Bleed for Me”, Lost for an End”, and many other metal hits). His shows with the band included performances at metal festivals such as Inkcarceration Fest in Ohio and Higher Ground in Vermont. Inkcarceration Fest features some of the top names in rock, alternative and metal music on two outdoor stages along with tattoo artists from all over the country, Reformatory tours, gourmet food, camping, and lots more.

Reflecting on his time with To Us Below at these festivals, Erick Garcia expresses enthusiasm. “It was great to have that opportunity and work with such talented individuals,” he shares. “When they asked me to join them for the shows and sent me the music, I instantly said yes. I loved it! I hope we can collaborate again soon.”

While Garcia’s plate is undoubtedly full with Nox Sinister and his touring escapades, he’s also delving into new musical projects. Currently, he’s involved in composing and arranging music with a funk and jazz fusion band, with plans for live performances in the pipeline. Additionally, Garcia is exploring solo projects, hinting at a possible instrumental album in the works, which his fans are eagerly anticipating.

As for his band, Nox Sinister, they are not resting on their laurels either. The band is hard at work crafting fresh material and gearing up for the release of their next music video, set to accompany the track “Bear-Hammer” from their latest album.

For Erick Garcia, his experiences in the music industry continue to evolve, with each experience adding depth to his artistic repertoire.

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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