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Esteemed Entrepreneur Katarina Viva Shines Bright in the Jewelry Industry with Vivamacity

The jewelry industry is home to a competitive market of luxury brands and businesses fighting tooth and nail to capture an ever-growing clientele. Amidst the glitz and glamor of big named brands and massive corporations, homegrown companies such as Vivamacity are rising in number and are captivating the market in their own remarkable ways. The process might have been a painstaking journey for Founder and CEO Katarina Viva, but seeing how much her company has grown over the years, it’s clear to see that the visionary entrepreneur is doing a lot of things right.

In fact, Vivamacity was not supposed to be a thing until Katarina Viva jokingly posted an Etsy listing. Initially, she just wanted to figure out the process, so she created an Etsy account with her gamer tag “Vivamacity.” Once she quickly got her first sale, she decided to keep the name since one customer had already made a purchase. 

Fast forward to the end of 2016, Vivamacity would become a well-known brand, opening a location at the Grove from that random Etsy listing. Today, Vivamacity is known as a thriving jewelry brand that sells high-quality jewelry pieces infused with crystals, gemstones, rings, necklaces, anklets, and many more. Initially starting out as a random idea from a 20-year-old girl who only had $60 left under her name, the renowned jewelry brand has now captivated a loyal audience all over the world.

Vivamacity has always been run and operated by Katarina Viva alone. She never received any help from the venture, which is something she is quite proud of. The company never sought any investors for the capital, nor did Katarina reach out to family and friends for any financial support. In spite of this, she managed to grow the brand into a powerhouse company with over 600,000 Instagram followers in its first two years, officially becoming one of the first few Instagram brands in the world.

Throughout the years, Vivamacity has been recognized as one of the most groundbreaking brands in the jewelry industry. Katarina Viva herself has inspired so many trends in the industry, which have now become a staple all over the world. From Vivamacity’s humble beginnings of selling bohemian black cord chokers with silver charms to now selling 925 Sterling Silver high-quality chokers, the brand has definitely come a long way. 

Quality is at the crux of the Vivamacity brand, which is why it boasts a 100% No Green Fingers policy. While 99% of jewelry brands out there cannot guarantee the lack of green fingers, Vivamacity can confidently say that its pieces only use the best quality 925 silver and a range of beautiful gemstones explicitly handpicked by its expert artisans. On top of that, gemstones like Ethiopian opal, rainbow moonstone and amethyst can all be found at Vivamacity. 

Many other brands have tried replicating the success that Katarina Viva has acquired over the years. In fact, some well-known websites started stealing Vivamacity’s images and copying Katarina’s designs. To add insult to injury, another huge brand stole her original design, leaving the empowered entrepreneur heartbroken. 

Despite the negativity brought on by competing brands, Katarina Viva decided to craft a solution instead of focusing on the problem. Setting her sights on growing her brand, she created a website and an Instagram page which garnered a lot of buzz for her brand. Vivamacity’s success is a testament to the hard work, passion, and dedication that Katarina Viva has poured into her company.

Overall, she hopes that her efforts and success will motivate others to reach for their dreams and take a risk. Truthfully, if she had never posted that Etsy listing, Vivamacity would never have existed. Katarina Viva fondly recalls that moment as the beginning of her new life as a thriving entrepreneur. And this success story could happen to anyone; all that’s left to do is take the first step and make the most out of the situation.

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