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Esteemed Writer, Director, Producer Evette Vargas Mentors Underrepresented Writers to Help Them Find Their Voice in the Industry

There’s been an upward trend of inclusion and diversity in the media that we consume today. Despite these positive strides toward progress, it’s undeniable that those in charge should put more effort into advocating for underrepresented storytellers and the stories that they hold so dearly. Minorities such as Latinx, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and women who have the talent should be given a platform and a voice. Evette Vargas aims to make this a reality, promoting inclusion and equality in the television and film industries.

Spending over an entire decade of her life mentoring and advocating for a diverse set of underrepresented storytellers, Evette Vargas eventually established The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc., as a culmination of all her labor. The organization aims to support and mentor storytellers to hone their craft and become crucial parts of major projects within the entertainment scene.

Evette Vargas herself is a talented writer, director, and producer who has personally mentored five highly skilled and diverse screenwriters in 2019. These individuals aspired to push the boundaries of television through their talents, so Evette recognized their passion and organized a writer’s room setting where they broke a season arc of the popular BBC series Killing Eve.  

Evette was utterly surprised at the level of success that the writers managed to achieve. Once the table read was done, all of the 20 actors that participated were absolutely floored by the writing skills on full display. This motivated Evette Vargas to further pursue her mentoring career, helping other talented writers reach their maximum potential. 

Evette Vargas has shown the world that she is more than capable of bringing out the best in the talented writers who have worked with her. So much so that eight of the writers from The Writers Room 5050 Foundation have already been hired, and ten of the project pitches they created have moved forward in the Pitching the TV Series Lab.

If her success isn’t proof enough, Evette Vargas also has a prolific background within the industry resulting in critically acclaimed and award-winning works as a writer, producer, and director. She has produced a series for the biggest networks on television and online streaming platforms such as MTV, Amazon, DirectTV, Bravo, and many more. 

Evette was also named as an Artist to Watch by the New York Times. She also produced interactive content for major projects such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Fast and Furious franchise. Evette Vargas has also worked with massive names in the industry, such as Madonna and the Wu-Tang Clan. 

Her extensive background in the industry is supplemented by her massive talent, sheer creativity, and amazing personality. Evette Vargas draws from her personal experience to empower herself and see things from a unique perspective. She has the uncanny ability to bring people together from different walks of life and diverse backgrounds, allowing them to share a unified experience but presenting them from different points of view.

It’s undeniable that Evette Vargas is an important part of the entertainment industry, molding the talents of underrepresented storytellers and giving them a voice much like her own. She is a beacon of light in the modern entertainment industry, and she can only do so much better as time goes on. As Evette constantly creates a positive impact on the industry and the world of storytelling, things can only go up from here.

For more information about The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc., make sure to visit its official website. For live updates, follow Evette Vargas on her Instagram account.

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