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eXp Realty Realtor – Justin Hollett Expands Operations Across the Maritimes

Justin Hollett of eXp Realty in Newfoundland, Canada is growing his operation to include a second Maritime Province, Nova Scotia. But to understand why this expansion is happening, you must first know the story of Justin’s success in his first location. When he first started in Real Estate, Justin made a promise to himself to work tirelessly to exceed his clients’ expectations. Part of that challenge is to place his clients’ needs above everything else, and he has met that challenge and beyond. Justin’s first venture is in St Johns, NL (his hometown) and his newest venture will be based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In both markets, they will strive to provide the pinnacle of service to clients across their respective provinces.

Justin began his journey selling real estate in Newfoundland in 2015 and built his business to the point where he has been named an eXp Realty ICON Award winner multiple years in a row. This feat recognized him as being one of their top producers and in doing so awards him up to $16,000 of company stock. Justin lives by the motto, “I find homes, you find happiness.” But early in that journey he realized that he didn’t just want to make his clients happy, he also wanted to help others create success. This led to him bringing agents under his wing, providing them with the guidance and mentorship they needed to grow. Justin is offering his services in Nova Scotia in part because he knew that even more people could benefit from his knowledge and experience. He is not afraid of the hard work and effort it takes to find success for himself and others.

A major part of building the operation in Nova Scotia was finding the right person to run things on a day-to-day basis. Justin found that in Peter Garonis, a Real Estate professional with his own track record of success. It was in St Johns, NL that Peter and Justin came to meet. At the time Peter was the youngest award-winning senior leader in Canada’s 4th largest privately owned Fitness chain in the world.  As one of Peter’s members, Justin got acquainted because of their similar interest in business, growth mindsets, and values.

Fast forward nearly 7 years, they’ve now partnered up in Halifax, NS with eXp Realty, the fastest growing real estate brokerage on planet earth. Peter also owns and operates a property management company that services nearly 150 units. That combined with becoming Justin’s top performing agent, makes for a recipe of great potential in Halifax. A large part of the revolutionary brokerage business model is that it allows driven agents to partner remotely as well as in person. This is possible due to the technological advancements eXp has developed, making them a global leader in the tech space. With unique pay and compensation structures, along with a culture of core values both men can get behind. It’s been an organic transition to work together in multiple provinces. Client testimonials talk about how Justin has gone above and beyond for his clients, a trend he promises to continue in Nova Scotia and beyond.

One of their many services they will be continuing in the new market is a free and accurate valuation of your home, with no obligation. Real Estate, like any other product or service, is governed by the law of supply and demand. The first step in selling your home is to find out what it is worth. Not only does this give you a number on which to base an asking price; this information also tells you if it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. Justin and his team will not only help you determine the value of your home; they will also give you advice and guidance on how to increase that value. If you are a buyer, that means they can help you find the best value for your money. This is just one of many services their experienced leadership brings to the Nova Scotia Real Estate market.

While they have already celebrated a soft opening, the timeline for beginning operations in Halifax is on track for a hard opening date after the holidays. All the licensing is in place, and they have everything they need to start serving clients. You can reach them by phone at 709-749-3797 or on their website contact page.

The next step in the process is one of Justin’s favorite parts of being a real estate agent, especially under the eXp umbrella, giving others the chance to build success. After create rewarding careers in real estate for the members of the team in Newfoundland, it’s time to offer the same in Nova Scotia. This opportunity extends far beyond the local market because of the international reach of eXp Realty. Justin and Peter are looking for success minded individuals that want to grow with their organization.

eXp is one of the world’s fastest-growing real estate brokerages. Founded in 2009, they are now in 23 countries around the world with a community of over 86,000+ real estate professionals, all connected through our unique cloud-based platform, eXp World. The eXp Realty team of real estate agents can help you find homes for sale or sell your current home. They offer a level of service that the modern client demands. You have dreams and they possess experience, integrity, and innovation to make your dreams a reality. Justin Hollett and Peter Garonis bring that immense network with them to help you buy or sell residential and commercial real estate across Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. While this is just the next step in a plan that includes more growth and opportunity, know that they are expanding in a way that won’t leave any of their existing clients behind. Contact them today!

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