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Experience The Unique Charm of The Keranjang Bali: More Than Just a Building

Experience The Unique Charm of The Keranjang Bali: More Than Just a Building
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What is The Basket Bali?

The Keranjang Bali stands as a captivating architectural marvel situated on the idyllic island of Bali, Indonesia. This unique structure embodies the island’s traditional essence with its distinctive resemblance to a colossal basket, drawing unparalleled allure for visitors.

Unveiled in 2019, The Keranjang Bali swiftly emerged as a prominent attraction in Bali, captivating the interest of both local visitors and international tourists. Its strategic location, a mere 5 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, not only ensures easy accessibility but also makes it a preferred choice for those seeking to embark on a Bali adventure by exploring a one-of-a-kind destination.

What Makes The Basket Bali So Eye-Catching?

Numerous factors contribute to The Keranjang Bali’s striking appeal, capturing the attention of all who encounter it:

Unparalleled Architectural Design

The building’s captivating basket-like design sets it apart, as few structures in the world boast a similar concept. Consequently, The Keranjang Bali immediately grabs attention and has become a highly sought-after subject for photography.

Breathtaking Ornamental Details

In addition to its attention-grabbing design, The Keranjang Bali is adorned with exquisite ornamental details, notably the Karang Boma barong ornament. Karang Boma, with its bird-like head motifs, stems from the Bomantara narrative, believed to counterbalance negative influences and misfortune.

A Unique Shopping Experience

The Keranjang Bali is not merely an aesthetically pleasing building; it also offers a distinctive shopping experience. With its concept store approach, visitors can not only purchase Balinese souvenirs but also indulge in a range of exciting activities and themed areas that showcase the beauty and rich culture of Bali.

Essential Tips for Visiting The Keranjang Bali

For those planning a visit to The Keranjang Bali, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Choose the Optimal Time

To avoid crowds, it is advisable to visit The Keranjang Bali during weekdays or outside of peak hours, such as in the morning or evening.

Don’t Forget Your Camera or Smartphone

Ensure you have your camera or smartphone at hand to capture the mesmerizing moments at The Keranjang Bali. The building offers numerous Instagrammable photo spots, ensuring endless posing ideas.

Explore All Floors

The Keranjang Bali boasts four floors, each housing unique experiences, fashion products, souvenir shops, a food area, and offices. Feel free to explore each floor and relish in all the offered experiences.

Purchase Authentic Balinese Souvenirs

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire Balinese souvenirs as cherished mementos of your visit. The Keranjang Bali offers a wide range of distinctive fashion items, such as Solar T-shirts that change color when exposed to sunlight, as well as accessories and traditional Balinese keepsakes to bring back home and hold dear as memories of your journey.

Indulge in Authentic Balinese Cuisine

Additionally, savor the delights of authentic Balinese cuisine in The Keranjang Bali’s food area. Treat yourself to delectable dishes like milk pie, banana cake, and the popular disco nuts.

By following these tips, your visit to The Keranjang Bali will undoubtedly become an unforgettable experience. Be sure to explore every floor to fully immerse yourself in all that this extraordinary giant basket has to offer.


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