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Expert Entrepreneur and Insurance Claim HQ Founder Galen M. Hair Shares How Focusing on People Helps Businesses Flourish

Although scaling a business is an already massive accomplishment, in reality, it only marks the beginning of what will be a long and challenging journey. After all, to be acknowledged as a distinguished entrepreneur, one must have what it takes to create a venture that lasts. When it comes to building a highly successful enterprise that endures, Galen M. Hair knows a thing or two. 

The remarkable individual is an esteemed litigator and the founder of Insurance Claim HQ. This firm represents policyholders who may have suffered from a disaster and have not been fairly paid for their losses. In addition to being a renowned company that caters to clients nationally, the venture is also known for organizing numerous philanthropic events every year in New Orleans. 

What allowed the enterprise to gain such impressive distinctions is Galen M. Hair’s admirable philosophy that centers around creating solid connections. The wise man believes that for any brand or business to thrive, it should focus on building one of its most important foundations and pillars: the people. This is especially true in 2022 and the upcoming years, when financial, political, and public health turmoil is expected.  

Staying true to his convictions, the visionary advocates a business model rooted in having an excellent understanding of all individuals who play a role in a company’s success. “We tend to focus on human behavior. Businesses should monitor human behavior on a daily basis, including vendor behavior, consumer behavior, and employee behavior,” he began.

He proceeded to say, “Watch for the trends. We always say, ‘row with the disaster, not against it.’ The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of companies to alter their models, including having to utilize different types of communication technologies. We have done our best to stay at the forefront of technology that makes communicating with people easy and pleasant. In fact, I expect to see remote work becoming the norm, but with healthy returns to in-person interactions as well. We are social creatures, after all, and the return of conferences, festivals and events have proven that so far this year.”

Aside from that, Galen M. Hair has also made it his primary duty to ensure that each of his employees is living their best life, personally and professionally. By adopting this goal, the leader has inevitably put together a team of highly motivated, devoted, and dedicated professionals who share the same intentions of growing the enterprise.

The industry authority has accomplished this incredible feat by ensuring he first attracts the right people. He insightfully explained, “I learned that you have to focus on drawing in the right members — showing a unique value proposition that is more than just a paycheck, while also not minimizing said paycheck. You also must specialize. With all the information out there, if you aren’t specializing, you are opening yourself up to be put out of business.”

However, he does not merely stop at hiring exceptional and talented individuals. More importantly, the strategist is also keen on retaining his employees by helping them flourish. He said, “We teach our team that we are here for our clients. The only way to truly adopt that mindset is to show the results of what we do, which we achieve through emails, texts, videos, and meetings. We want to make sure we never forget the positive impact we can have when we work together. I personally want to put 1,000 people back into their homes each month.”

Galen M. Hair has undeniably established several vital points that prove how having a profound understanding of people can significantly help an enterprise succeed in the current financial and social climate.

When asked for one final piece of wisdom, the thought leader profoundly remarked, “Unreasonable growth comes with unreasonable costs. As a potential recession looms, cost is going to be a key factor. Companies will soon show whether they planned well for it. Leaders will sometimes dodge the blame, but ego is a dangerous thing in business. Self-awareness is the most valuable thing for a business. Be self-aware, not egocentric. Evaluate your company culture weekly, not quarterly. Success is ultimately measured by happy clients.”

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