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Fadi Amso: A Successful Entrepreneur and Photographer at 19

Fadi Amso is a young entrepreneur and creative with big dreams. He started his first business at the age of fifteen. Four years later, that business is still going strong. He has even ventured into a creative field. At 19 years old, he works hard to reach his goals.

Fadi Amso is a 19-year-old entrepreneur living in San Diego, California. At a young age, he knew he wanted to build a business. But being so young, he found it difficult to find people who would take him seriously. That did not stop him though. “I knew what I wanted, and I was willing to work for it,” he says. He started an e-commerce business called Sweet Grips. He sold grips for gaming consoles so gamers could play more smoothly. “In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was hard to balance school work and running an online store, but I must have done something right. Sweet Grips brought in a ton of revenue, and it is still up and running today,” Fadi shares.

Being a full-time student while running a business was not easy. Fadi recalls days where he would come home from school, stressed and exhausted. “I was thinking of way too many things. I had a lot of goals, and I wanted to get started on them as soon as I could,” Fadi says.

When Fadi Amso was 16, he bought his first camera. “One day, I suddenly had this urge to get a camera. So I looked and found one online which I bought for $300,” he recalls. He bought it with no intentions of using it to make money. “I just wanted to have a camera and experiment with it. See what kind of pictures and footage I could take,” Fadi shares. 

And experiment he did. Fadi started taking photos and sharing them on Instagram. With each photograph he took, he was slowly building a portfolio of work that people loved. He also started working with video, creating short films. Once Fadi discovered and mastered his style, he turned his photography and videography habit into a small business. “I started creating high-quality work for brands and businesses all over San Diego,” he says. “Being a photographer and filmmaker did not feel like a job to me. I genuinely enjoyed it, and every time I picked up a camera, the hours would just fly by.”

As a teenager with two different business ventures, Fadi Amso developed a professional work ethic early on. He says, “I find it important always to provide high-quality work. What my client wants, I make sure I deliver to the best of my abilities.” His work has been well received, and Fadi shares that he has built genuine relationships with the clients he has worked with. “They have become more than just regular clients. We help each other grow, and they have put me in a place where I get to meet many people from various industries.”.

Hard work and a commitment to excellence define Fadi Amso as an entrepreneur, photographer, and filmmaker. “Giving up is not in my nature. It is not who I am. I have all these big dreams, and I want to accomplish them all. I hope to expand my businesses one day, hire a team, and work on bigger projects.” At 19, Fadi Amso is only at the beginning of his journey. More significant accomplishments are sure to come his way.

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