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Family First Elite Life Ensuring Every Family Is Protected through Perfect Life Insurance Policies

The emotional toll of grieving the deceased person and the back and forth in the funeral arrangement, especially the financial obligations, is something no family should ever go through. Albert Lau, who understands how overwhelming this experience can be, serves as a stop-gap between the unexpected death of a loved one and the family being adequately protected by various life insurance policies. Albert founded Family First Life Elite to take care of issues like this.

Family First Life Elite specializes in mortgage protection, life insurance, final expense life insurance, retirement planning through universal life policies and retirement protection through the use of fixed index annuities. At the same time, they work hand-in-hand with multiple insurance companies such as Americo, Aetna and Mutual of Omaha, to mention a few, to meet every client’s needs.

Albert understands the importance of Family as the foundation of every society and believes that when the Family gets it right, only then can society get it right. To this end, Family First Life Elite, like the name implies, is on a mission to make families and the families of their agents a priority. Although to make any headway in this regard, the company had to win its target customers’ trust and loyalty, which they did by giving everything they have, especially their expertise, to earn each client’s trust.

Family First Life Elite operates on a custom but distinct model, which has proven effective time and time over again, with an advanced social media marketing strategy, high-quality content and hard working agents that ensure that the company completes one million dollars worth of business every month, something Albert considers an improvement on the previous year where they barely made half of a million monthly. “We have the best social media content out of any other insurance agency that I’ve seen. It helps us grow our agency and attract the best talent.”

Albert is driven by his desire to serve more clients and provide them with the life insurance protection they deserve. He is on a mission to reduce and mitigate the occurrence of sad stories about families who are unable to pay for funerals while at the same time making a lot of money and helping his agents make money that is enough to take care of their families. “Watching my agents build their businesses motivates me.” He also wants to reach out to more people to join the life insurance industry, as the industry creates more millionaires than real estate agents. According to Albert, the sector is an untapped goldmine laden with opportunities, and it’d be nice if more people joined.

On where he sees FFL Elite five years from now, he said, “I see us getting big. I see us hitting massive milestones and creating a lot of millionaires. I see us doing 500 million dollars worth of business per year and helping millions of families getting financial protection and setting up their children for success on the way.”

Learn more about how Family First Life Elite provides the perfect life insurance protection on their website.

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