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Fashion Designer Rebecca Kudryavsky Was Spotted With Her New Baby Girl At The US OPEN This Past Monday, August 29, 2022

Back in March 2022, the world found out the Fashion designer was going through a high-risk pregnancy at her lunch for international women’s day, debuting her newest fashion pieces.

A little surprised Rebecca is traveling all over with her baby at such a young age. But she is definitely a responsible mom who had such a cute set of infant headphones on the baby to protect her little ears. And boy, she looked so adorable and seemed to be such a happy baby.

So today, we would like to welcome the newest addition to Rebecca Kudryavsky’s family, Athena Amore Kudryavsky, born Sunday, June 12, 2022.

Welcoming a little one into the world is so worth it, but sometimes, the journey to get there can be a really tough one for everyone involved, especially for mom and baby.

As we learned, Ms. Kudryavsky’s pregnancy was extremely high risk, and according to sources, she was put on bedrest several months back. However, even having to endure what she went through, Rebecca managed to cement her standing in multiple industries while covering up all the pain she was suffering. We are glad things have turned around for her, and she is now back on her feet.

Rebecca Kudryavsky’s very difficult pregnancy was much like celebrity moms such as Beyonc√©, Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian West, who also had dangerous health complications while pregnant. But it wasn’t just her high-risk pregnancy. Rebecca also had a very long labor and dangerous birth, which led her to spend eight days in the hospital with her daughter Athena, who also had some complications putting her in the NICU and separating mom and baby.

After speaking to Miss Kudryavsky for a little bit, it makes you realize that childbirth does not get any easier. Rebecca went into the hospital Friday, June 10, 2022, and spent 33 hours in labor. She was in horrible pain, wanting to do it naturally with no epidural. Rebecca mentioned that her brother Chad French was with her the whole weekend and supported her through the traumatizing time she was experiencing. She said, “It was excruciating pain. Induction is far worse than natural labor.” After staying at 7cm for over 18 hrs, according to records, she had an emergency C-section where she was put fully to sleep despite her high risk of dying due to blood clots. Rebecca said the c-section she had with her baby was the first one she ever got out of all her children. All her other children she had vaginally. Postpartum hasn’t been easy for her either. In the last two months, she has received five blood transfusions since the birth of her daughter Athena.

Both mother and baby are doing great now and traveling the globe, as we see at only two months postpartum. When asked how she looks so great after giving birth to her seventh child just two months ago, she said, “I eat non-stop.” Don’t we all wish that we had that kind of metabolism?

Over the past year, Rebecca has received several awards that were displayed in the media and inspired many women, as well as done many things to help better the world for herself and her children. She’s a survivor of domestic violence and is now almost an Octomom. 

As we read in the medium, her fashion collection this past year has made a considerable buzz leaving a solid Impression on countless individuals because of her grit and commitment. 

When asked if she would ever have another child, she said she is done. “All I want to do is be the best mom possible and help people.” 

Currently a stay-at-home single mom, Rebecca said she is just focusing on her little ones and finishing the self-help book she started before the pregnancy. Because her pregnancy was such a high risk, she claims she was unable to work on the book and publish it until now. So in between traveling and being a full-time mother, she is writing and will hopefully have her book out to the public soon.

Bringing babies into the world isn’t easy, and as often as childbirth can go smoothly, sometimes things can also go wrong. Giving birth can be very unpredictable, and it’s hard to know exactly what to expect. Fearing for one’s own health is terrifying enough, but in some cases, the baby is in danger too. We applaud you, Rebecca, and are glad we got the chance to speak with you a bit. But most of all, we look forward to reading your self-help book. She does share updates about her life every so often on social media.

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