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Fatima Barnes and the Ambition Academy Provide Women With Proper Tools to Scale Their Businesses

Ever since the inception of the internet, work has become more convenient, allowing people to do their jobs more efficiently. Over the years, technology evolved into what we see today. Most companies have become more reliant on technological innovations, but not every business implements the convenience that it provides. Fatima Barnes is an entrepreneur and podcast host who has been helping people grow their businesses without being over-reliant on social media with her company, The Ambition Academy.

Before she became an established name in the coaching industry, Fatima Barnes worked for a Fortune 500 company. Although the pay was decent, she felt constricted by the system. No matter how much work she put in, Barnes never received the promotion she deserved, and the company stifled her creativity, leaving her uninspired, unappreciated, and unmotivated. “I have such a passion for business and wasn’t allowed to bring that in the workplace,” she explained, “I had built a successful beauty brand while working full-time before and had to let it go because of my full-time work.”

The final straw came when the company refused to consider her for promotion. Exhausted from feeling unappreciated, Barnes resigned to answer her calling and change her life so she could change the lives of others. Passionate about coaching, she established The Ambition Academy to project her knowledge to beauty brands.

As a coach, Fatima Barnes takes her knowledge and uplifts beauty brands struggling to meet their financial goals. With the world becoming more reliant on the use of social media for their businesses, Barnes helps brands grow and scale their business to six figures by taking a different approach. She created a program called The Beauty Boss Accelerator, which assists brand owners in setting up their businesses’ foundations. The program runs for twelve weeks, providing them with the exact formula needed to build what they have into a premium brand. 

While most programs offer people a chance to make a quick buck, The Ambition Academy teaches women about business acumen and how they can equip themselves to make better business decisions instead of basing it on their emotional thinking. Barnes helps them set up systems and processes that can allow them to scale and attain flexibility and freedom without reaching out to friends and family for support. Additionally, the Academy educates them on leveraging social media without overwhelming them or requiring them to post feverishly. Using her coaching platform, Barnes brings out the best in her clients. Rather than telling them what they want to hear, she tells them what they need to hear instead, delivering honesty so they can get on the same page to get work done. 

Fatima Barnes is the embodiment of hard work and passion. Since becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college, she has been pursuing entrepreneurship full-time, sharing her knowledge through The Ambition Academy, and hosting her podcast Let’s Talk Travel with The Pretty Wanderer. Having impacted thousands of lives, Barnes hopes to continue her journey in helping women grow successful brands. Additionally, she hopes to host retreats and in-person seminars while leaving the door open to writing books and speaking at events.

Learn more about Fatima Barnes and The Ambition Academy by visiting her official website. You can also reach out to her through Instagram.

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