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Financial Consultant Ivonne Arvizu Helps Individuals Secure Homes as “La Reyna del Credito”

Having a house of one’s own is a common dream that, unfortunately, has not come true for numerous individuals. Buying a place and turning it into a home seems a faraway hope for people living from paycheck to paycheck. 

For more than eighteen years now, financial consultant and credit repair spokesperson Ivonne Arvizu has made that hope closer to reality for many people with her specialized programs as “La Reyna del Credito.”

Recognized as The Credit Queen, Ivonne Arvizu has devoted her career to helping people secure homes. Her journey and impact have touched thousands, with her success rate numbering over 1,000 new homeowners per year. Handing over house keys with her brilliant credit repair knowledge, Ivonne is a favorite not just among her clients but also of real estate agents and loan officers. 

Born in another country, La Reyna del Credito migrated early with her family to the United States to fulfill the American dream. In the new country, she watched her mother struggle with three jobs and, due to a misunderstanding of the U.S. credit system, found herself with terrible credit.

Ivonne Arvizu’s mother had made a sizable payment on her credit card to ensure her bills were covered while she left the country for a health-related operation. When she came back, however, she found that instead of the intended four months, the deposited sum only covered one. Due to the unfortunate circumstance, her mother had to put off their dream of purchasing a home.

It would take many years before they were able to purchase one.  Disappointed and determined after the whole ordeal, Ivonne pushed herself to learn and excel. At only 20 years old, she bought her own home. She graduated with honors from her high school and snagged a 4-year scholarship from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She was then scouted and hired as a high-ranking employee for two banks. During her years of service at the bank, she gave seminars to help people improve their credit. However, her manager told her that her work was frowned upon since it represented a conflict of interest.

Not letting that stop her, Ivonne Arvizu left the company and put on her crown as La Reyna del Credito. As the Credit Queen herself, Ivonne shares, “Bad credit is like death! It does not discriminate against anyone.” She continues by saying that life happens, and with her help, it must go on.

As La Reyna del Credito, Ivonne offers a unique program that guarantees mortgage credit within days of waiting. This exclusive service and her FICO guarantee program have been the key to guiding people looking to purchase a home or refinance. 

An indispensable character to the Latino community and beyond, Ivonne Arvizu has contributed financial success to doctors, lawyers, police officers, real estate agents, celebrities, loan officers, and countless more who found themselves pulled out of their bad credit. 

She has since educated individuals on finances and credit through appearances in TV networks such as Telemundo and Univision. She has also been in Radio Inspiracion, Radio Nueva Vida, ESPN, 105.5FM, 97.5fm, 1031.5fm, and more.

Learn more about La Reyna del Credito and her eagerness to help people improve their credit situations. Witness Ivonne Arvizu as she leads individuals to their own doorstep and financial stability on her official website. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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