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Finding Purpose and Passion: Fred T. Williams on Helping Others Live the Best Life Possible

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Many people go through the challenging journey of finding one’s purpose. Over the last twenty plus years, Fred T. Williams has helped many companies and individuals find their passion, live their lives with purpose, and find their niche to live the best life possible. The entrepreneur, author, speaker, and poet is best known for his deep connection with others, allowing him to understand what they truly need to reach their goals.

Fred T. Williams is a rising powerhouse. He is a voice of faith, a mentor for healthy relationships, love, and brand development for many. Fred has worked with organizations from various industries and has used an authentic and transparent approach in helping them address a plethora of issues. His contributions have been considered vital to the success of many of his clients. Because of his dedication to excellence, Fred has been named one of LA Wire’s Top 10 Upcoming Businesses of 2021 and honored with the Unsung Heroes Award for Corporate Responsibility. He has also been featured across prominent platforms such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox, NBC, CBS, Voyage Dallas, Voyage LA, and more.

Furthermore, Fred T. Williams is the author of four successful books. One of his notable works is entitled I WILL DO GREATER: 31 Daily Affirmations and his two-book poetry collection called The Journey Series. The poetry collection features titles including The Path Away From There and I Hope This Helps Along The Way. As an author, Fred showcases his life’s journey and aims to share the lessons he learned with his readers. The author shared that he has been through many days of pain, but he also realized that they led him to grow and equipped him with the empathy that made him genuinely connect with people. 

“I truly believe people are in search of real and genuine connections, and I want to give them that,” shared Fred T. Williams. “No matter the task at hand, I believe that authenticity is critical to the longevity of any entrepreneur, brand, business, or organization. Whether it’s developing marketing strategies, graphic and website designs, helping writers become published authors, facilitating a workshop, moderating a Clubhouse room, or so much more,” he added.

Fred T. Williams is currently working on building Better Greater U, a community for people who are seeking their purpose and passion, where members will have access to an online learning portal, monthly group coaching, live group mentoring, interactive question and answer, access to vast exclusive resources, and discounts for services, mainly coaching and business consulting, offered by Fred through his brand. 

Additionally, Fred T. Williams is the chairman of a holding company comprising nine privately held businesses spanning different sectors. Fred and his team aim to deliver nothing but the best for their clients. They strive to provide the most cutting-edge and innovative marketing strategies to create “real people experiences.” Fred believes that doing so gives his clients leverage to fully captivate their audiences and scale their businesses to greater heights. 

When asked what motivated him to build his own brand, Fred T. Williams shared that he saw many people going through unique journeys but are primarily focused on reaching three specific pursuits—life, love, and purpose.

“Everyone wants to live an amazing life, share and experience real love, and everyone wants to live out their greater reason for being. It became clear to me, through the journey of my life, that I had a passion for the human experience,” said Fred. “I believe our lives are best lived when they can positively impact someone else’s.”

To learn more about Fred T. Williams, visit his website. You can also text him directly at 424-226-5562.

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