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Fire-Resistant Apparel Line From Knox Is the New Vision for Safer Clothing

Flame-resistant work clothes are a growing necessity for those who work in physically demanding professions like the welding and electrical fields, where facing tough and extreme environments is not unusual in any way. In a mission to protect workers heavily exposed to hazardous environments, Knox has dedicated itself to creating fire-resistant clothing that is functional, durable, and well-designed.

The ASTM D1230-17 NFPA 2112 collection by Knox represents the brand’s values and focus on the requirements of its customers. The type of clothing it offers promises to not only reduce the risk of burns but also protect the workers from heat, stress, and injuries. The core principle of the brand is based on innovation, quality, integrity, respect, and teamwork, allowing it to stand out amidst other brands in the fire-retardant clothing industry.

Knox was established in 2019 by John Miles in an office in Evanston, Illinois. The company was named after his youngest son Damien Knox. Fueled with the desire to make fire-retardant apparel as a former journeyman pipefitter, he created Knox as an online platform that offers affordable and high-quality clothing for blue-collar workers in the Oil and Gas Industry, Pipeline, Drilling Industry, Power-plants and Refineries.

Knox ensures it complies with NFPA 2112, the flame-resistant clothing performance and evaluation guidelines outlined in the US industry standard. In addition, the brand goes out of its way to make sure that all those who wear it will be protected from arc and flame.

With a vision to change how the oil and gas sector operates, the brand aims to offer the most excellent fire-retardant clothing available, both in terms of style and functionality. In the last few years, Knox has reached great heights, and today, it provides services to clients across the whole United States.

Proudly talking about his brand, Miles said, “Knox is committed to building a different breed of company, one that reflects our core values as a team and those of our consumers. Product quality is non-negotiable, and so is our collaborative culture and giving back to the communities we serve.” 

All Knox products are created to keep workers across the country safe with their line of long-lasting, high-quality, American-made arc-rated and flame-resistant (AR / FR) clothing. It provides a whole range of selections for various types of professions, with those who wear them as inspiration. Not only is its extensive collection long-lasting and resistant, but it is also highly comfortable to wear and designed to withstand harsh conditions for an extended period. In fact, Knox fire-resistant shirts and pants have undergone field testing on actual job sites with actual workers.

The brand is also making great efforts to be environmentally friendly, evident in how they adopt sustainable goals, packaging, and initiatives that are practiced by its employees and, by extension, its customers.

Asked about his motivation for building the brand, with a strong emphasis on his quality offerings and top-notch customer service, the Knox founder shared, “I would like people to be aware that there is a better option in choosing fire-resistant clothing.” 

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