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Flying High: Meet the Exclusive New Cannabis NFT Project Made for the Digital Community

From one great project to the next! The entrepreneurs behind a $500 million recreational cannabis business now bring the Phat Pandaz NFT collection, a cannabis-driven NFT project composed of 9,898 unique tokens created to give holders exclusive access into the PandaVerse. The founders were able to scale their cannabis business into a massive privately-held multi-state operational empire. With the same grit, they aim to take Phat Pandaz to the top.

The PandaVerse will be a fun, exciting, and passionate web 3.0 cannabis community where the Phat Pandaz NFT will reside. Furthermore, the PandaVerse Discord server will act as a safe zone for Pandaz to exchange ideas on cannabis and non-cannabis topics. The platform will also serve as a venue for various community events, including forums, brand discussions, and act as an avenue for open communication for the founders to listen to what its community wants to see for the future of the Phat Panda project. The platform will also hold open forums to possibly vote on what new strains of Phat Pandas should be cultivated and added to the mother room.

Their ultimate goal is to build a fun, exciting, and passionate web 3.0 cannabis community. As a result, all Pandaz members have an incentive to help create a positive impact community, dedicated to promoting the greater joy for everyone in the PandaVerse.

Phat Pandaz is uniquely programmed and generated. The collection contains over 300 possible traits, including expressions, headwear, clothing, and many more distinct attributes that will make each NFT stand out on its own. In addition, while all Pandaz are made with the same enthusiasm, the founders revealed that some are rarer than others, further adding to the excitement and buzz already generated around the collection even before its launching.

Out of the collection, 22 Platinum Pandaz will be revealed, two of which are owned by the founders in commemoration of the project. Platinum holders will be eligible to claim virtual Seedz. Seedz are virtual assets that can be used in a few ways:

» Redeem for real Seedz (partnership with

» Burn (virtually) in exchange for a Red or Trash Pandaz (higher-value, far more exclusive NFTs)

Every quarter, starting on July 1st, 2022, any Phat Pandaz NFT holder who has held their Pandaz for 90 days or more will have a 22.5% chance of randomly claiming Fertilizer, Coco Cube, or more Seedz. In addition to Pandaz, the team will mint Red Pandaz and Trash Pandaz, custom and rare burn morphs. The former will be very, very limited (and very, very difficult to obtain). The latter will be extremely rare—nearly impossible to get (but not quite).

To even have a chance, NFT holders will need to collect virtual Seedz, Coco Cubes, and Fertilizer to burn together to obtain a virtual plant. Then, the holder will have the option to burn their virtual plant with a Pandaz to make a Red Pandaz.

The Trash Pandaz burn morph is so rare because the holder will need to burn a Red Pandaz and another plant to obtain it. The first 25 people to achieve Trash Pandaz status will work directly with the team to build out their custom NFT. They’ll also receive a custom 18×24 printed with archival ink on museum-quality paper—signed, framed, and shipped to their doorstep. 

To learn more about Phat Pandaz, utility, roadmap, and its community, please visit the links below:

Official Website –

Discord –

Twitter –

Instagram –

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