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Founder of A Truck Stop: Reuven Pitschadza announces his new venture, Rezo Capital, on his 40th birthday.

Globally acclaimed real estate investor Reuven Pitschadza, CEO of Quality Builders, is ready to set the stage for multiple new ventures that are poised to dominate the business industry for years to come. He is looking for several investors to his newly minted ideas that will pave the way for a global revolution in the world of business. 

One of these ventures , A Truck Stop is the first-ever truck stop service with a subscription model. The premise of the brand focuses on serving its clients with a high-quality space to serve as a truck stop with amenities at low monthly payments. As the first American truck stop with a subscription model, the company offers a multitude of services that will greatly benefit clients from different walks of life.

A Truck Stop offers a wide array of services from Charging Stations for Electric Trucks and Electric Cars, Truck Wash, Truck Shop, Truck Parking, Hotels, CDL Driving School for future truckers, Barber Shops, Mini Malls, Laundry, Gas Stations, and more. 

Recently, on his 40th birthday, Reuven Pitschadza launched “Rezo Capital,” a private fund that will be used to sponsor future construction ventures and real estate investments. The launch marks yet another success for the serial entrepreneur as he aims to push the boundaries of his entrepreneurship, a legacy that he has built from scratch.

Reuven Pitschadza didn’t always have it easy growing up. As a self-made entrepreneur, he had to carve a path towards success in the face of massive adversity. He grew up in the country of Georgia and came from poverty. “I shared a room not only with siblings but also cousins. At one time, there were 10 of us in one room. Sometimes, we did not even have money for food. There were little to no possibilities to better myself and become the person I wanted to be in Georgia,” expressed the esteemed entrepreneur.

He moved to Israel when he was ten years old and pursued his education at Technion in Haifa, Israel. Reuven studied field-building engineering and moved to the United States a few years after he graduated. Once he was in the land of opportunities, he started his first construction business and has been leveraging his success since then.

Nowadays, Reuven Pitschadza has taken his business ventures to a whole new level. A Truck Stop consists of innovative and trucker-friendly truck stops which offer a subscription-based business model for clients to enjoy. Packages come with a free meal and free charging stations in anticipation of the growth of the eco-friendly semi-truck. Services that are often charged at truck stops are absolutely free with a membership from A Truck Stop. 

On the other hand, Reuven’s recently launched venture, Rezo Capital, will provide homeownership and real estate investment opportunities to those who do not qualify for traditional home financing. He hopes to make the dream of owning a property far more accessible than the current system provides. 

In the near future, Reuven Pitschadza plans to increase the number of locations and services offered by A Truck Stop, and continue to grow and operate as a direct lender in the world of real estate investment. The man is non-stop, and with the amount of success that he has amassed through the years, it’s clear to see that he is skilled at his craft and will stop at nothing to help others succeed much as he has.To know more about A Truck Stop, make sure to visit the company’s official website.

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