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Frank Romero at the Center of Providing Easily Accessible Home Loans

A home is, without a doubt, an essential part of human life. With today’s world set up, owning a home is part of the top three achievements in a person’s life. In the same vein, it also offers multiple use-cases ranging from residential purpose to investment purpose. However, with all the benefits attached to owning a home, there exists the biggest constraint – affording it. Many people find it hard to get their desired homes for reasons bordering on credit, mortgage, or other loan issues. This is why Frank Romero, the Branch Manager of West Capital Lending, exists to make the process of acquiring a home easier for aspiring homeowners.

Frank Romero has been in the financial services industry for over 16 years. He has built the reputation of being a trusted mortgage professional and adviser who has helped many people achieve their dreams of buying homes in the United States. He is well-known for his broad financial acumen and ability to find appropriate financial solutions for his clients. His work gives his clients the best custom home loan experience so they can go after the homes they desire. Frank Romero’s areas of expertise include new home purchases, home refinancing (Conventional, VA and FHA Financing).

As the branch manager at West Capital Lending, he steers the company in a direction that allows it to deliver the best mortgage services to clients. The company offers loan programs for everyone and ensures each person receives the best possible rate for their situation. Describing how customer-centric the services are, Frank said: “We provide exceptional customer service and make you feel that you understand the process and your home loan.”

Frank Romero has a proven track record with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is well-skilled in Sales, United States VA Loans, Refinance, Management and Contact Centers. His work has always been about helping people live better and get closer to their life goals. With rave reviews from many of his clients, Frank Romero has certified himself as one of the best professionals to assist people in getting their dream homes. Every day, he works with renewed vigor to make as many dreams as possible come true. 

In the next few years, Frank sees himself still committed to the cause but expanding his services beyond California to enlarge his client base. He’s never the type to say it is impossible; instead, he finds even easier and quicker ways to get things done. He also tries as much as possible to deal with the customers directly without redirecting or referring them to someone else. “Getting a home should never be a complicated process. I think buyers easily get frustrated, and it’s on us to ease that frustration by giving them straightforward, seamless and less stressful solutions to make their home purchase easy,” he said.

Frank hopes to keep doing his part in the mortgage loan space while contributing to the continued growth of West Capital Lending as a top mortgage company in California.Learn more about Frank Romero on his LinkedIn profile or Zillow Page.

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