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From a Violent Neighborhood to a Ferrari Dealership: The Story of Harry Shasho

A violent neighborhood, difficult home life, bullying, and poverty would surely steer many away from dreaming and reaching their goals. This never stood in the way of 212 Motoring owner Harry Shasho.

“Growing up, I lived in a very dangerous neighborhood with tough circumstances around me,” said the seasoned entrepreneur as he sits in his modern office at 212 Motoring’s headquarters in South Brooklyn.

The car customization shop is a cornerstone in NYC, providing state of the art services for decades now. The fighting spirit behind the brand was born out of hardship and adversity. Growing up, Harry Shasho worked many odd jobs, always knowing that the 9-to-5 life was not for him. He knew he had to be his own boss. The journey to reach these lofty goals almost crumbled around a young Harry, when both his parents passed away in his early twenties.

In the 1990s, Harry began his entrepreneurial journey within the computer industry. All was going well until the industry crashed towards the end of the decade. Much like his previous experiences, this did nothing to slow him down. Harry Shasho’s love for cars served as an inspiration to him throughout his whole life. Seeing exotic supercars and luxury SUVs in magazines only drove Harry to work harder, hoping to one day own some of these desirable cars.

Fast forward to today, and Harry is a valued customer at Italian powerhouses like Ferrari and Lamborghini. He now is the proud owner of over 20 luxury cars. All this success is a testament to his hard work, which he used to propel himself in automotive sectors like insurance, collision repair, sales, and finally vehicle customization. 212 Motoring is now housed in a modern south Brooklyn facility. Services like tuning, suspension upgrades, body kits, and more are offered. Celebrities like Chris Brown and Vince Carter have entrusted Harry Shasho’s 212 Motoring staff with their vehicle collections. Even the Department of Homeland Security and the NYPD use 212 Motoring for their fleet customization needs.Visit 212 Motoring for more information.

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