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From Working Three Jobs to Now a Passive Income Earner: Here’s How Jansen Did It Through the Rainmaker Family

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Working multiple jobs to make ends meet is a relentless act where individuals stretch themselves in pursuit of financial stability. It’s a demanding responsibility, often characterized by long hours and little rest, ensuring that bills are paid and basic needs are met. 

The nature of this struggle can be physically and emotionally taxing, as one constantly switches between roles, sacrificing personal time and often missing out on life’s simple pleasures. This was a mother named Jansen’s day-to-day routine. Before meeting The Rainmaker Family, Jansen described her situation as ‘a dark place mentally’ and ‘overwhelmed and frustrated.’

Navigating this struggle, Jansen knew she had to do something. Stumbling upon The Rainmaker Challenge, she began a game-changing 7-day entrepreneurial training and now enjoys a life of freedom, earning through her business. 

Jansen’s Path to Freedom

Jansen admits that upon first seeing the Rainmaker Challenge ad on social media, she felt skeptical and decided to research Amazon FBA and learn. However, after going through several videos online, she realized the complexities of this eCommerce platform were vast, so she decided that to harness its potential, she needed guidance. That is when Jansen hopped on the Rainmaker Family Seven-day Challenge. 

She shares, “The Rainmaker Challenge was more than a coincidence; it was like a lifeline thrown to me when I needed it most.”

With a leap of faith, Jansen embraced the challenge, recognizing that it held the key to a future she had long thought was unattainable.

The Transformation Begins

As the days of the Rainmaker Challenge unfolded, Jansen’s commitment deepened. The daily video training, led by experienced mentors, provided her with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricate world of Amazon FBA. Each lesson and insight brought her closer to realizing her dreams. 

Even after day two of the challenge, Jansen knew she was all in. She recognized that she needed the continuous expertise of The Rainmaker Family’s founders, couple Stephen and Chelsey Diaz, to guide her through her transformative journey. Learning from their personal experience and stories of triumph inspired Jansen to take the same path. 

According to Jansen, it was with the Rainmaker Family that she found a community that empowered her dream of mastering the intricacies of Amazon FBA. She shares, “Joining the Rainmaker Challenge is the moment I saw a future for myself again.”

Last March 2023, Jansen brought to life all she learned during the challenge and launched her first product on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Today, she enjoys the fruits of her labor as a passive income earner who receives a paycheck from Amazon FBA every two weeks. The mother and entrepreneur looks forward to it continuously growing and eventually adding more products to her line.

The Vision of The Rainmaker Family

Chelsey and Stephen’s journey mirrors Jansen’s in many ways. The couple once also found themselves caught in the grind of their photography business, realizing that instead of running it, the company was running them. Their passion for photography turned into a demanding endeavor that left them little time for themselves or their future dreams of starting a family.

Faced with this struggle, they boldly decided to seek a different path, one that would allow them to create a leveraged income and support their family while pursuing their greater calling in life. In 2017, they took a daring step, pivoting from their one-on-one service-based photography business to building an online community focused on one-to-many passive income streams.

Stephen and Chelsey’s vision is to help moms become RAINMAKERS for their families by creating unique brands and leveraging Amazon FBA, the largest platform to sell products online. 

Stephen mentions, “At Rainmaker, we enable mothers to reclaim the precious time with their loved ones while running successful businesses.”

Today, the couple’s successful platform for mother-owned businesses has changed the lives of not just Jansen but over 14,000 women, and they assist each other in their Rainmaker community. 

A Journey to Self-Discovery

For Jansen, the profound transformation she experienced goes far beyond the passive income she now enjoys. Her greatest revelation on this remarkable journey was the deep self-discovery it afforded her. From battling the depths of depression and almost succumbing to despair to summoning the courage to say “yes” to The Rainmaker, Jansen found her remarkable inner strength and determination.

“I have learned so much through this journey,” Jansen mentions. “I learned so much about myself that working from a 9-5 job was not teaching me.” 

At its core, this is precisely what the Rainmaker Family strives to accomplish. It’s a platform where mothers can embark on a journey of self-realization, understanding their potential beyond the confines of conventional employment. True to its name, the Rainmaker Challenge is a catalyst, urging mothers to take that pivotal first step towards success. 

The Rainmaker Challenge ignites the spark that propels them to become architects of their family’s prosperity, turning what-ifs into actual opportunities. With the Rainmaker Family, each mother learns to actualize dreams by taking that initial step toward success and, from there, starts making rain for their family.


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