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Greg Fitzgerald Educating the Public on Debt Reduction through Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC

In the United States today, conversations regarding debt repayment and access to credit are among the most divisive. This is because every commentator seems to be coming from different angles, and because of the differences in experiences and expertise, there appears to be no common ground regarding debt and loan repayment. However, financial experts like Greg Fitzgerald take exception to these numerous divergent views. “The law is there to guide creditors and debtors, and the law is clear on each person’s responsibility,” he said. To this end, he co-founded a law firm, Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC, to cater to people in financial distress and offers solutions to their terrible financial state through proven financial intervention and strategies.  

Fitzgerald & Campbell caters to every American, especially the young people who have student loans bigger than home mortgages. They constitute more than half of the demographic currently owing various student loans. Establishing a law firm that helps with proper financial planning became necessary after Fitzgerald realized the scourge of a future Americans were building for themselves. Young people face a future where they have the baggage of huge loans hanging over their heads at a young age, leading to bad credit scores and a bad financial status for the rest of their lives. So Fitzgerald decided to co-found Fitzgerald & Campbell as a way of helping young American professionals devise ways of dealing with their student loan debts and reduce the heavy loan burden hanging on the United States economy. Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC provides services such as Credit Card Debt Repayment Plan, Student Loans Debt settlement, Medical debt, and Payday/Cash Advance Debt settlement.

Greg Fitzgerald notes that the total amount of student loan debt accrued to date stands at $1.76trillion, with more than 50% of this figure attributed to students in graduate school. According to statistics, the average American Bachelor’s degree holder owes the excess of at least $30,000 in student loans, and daily, the number continues to rise. Meanwhile, the government is making no serious attempts to resolve the issue while misinformation keeps dominating the news space.

Fitzgerald points to an article published on August 4, 2021, by a Student Loan Lender, SoFi, titled “Is there a Statute of Limitation on Debt?” According to him, the title and the content of the article are not only misleading but are also incorrect because SoFi, as a private lender, knows that there is a Statute of Limitations on private student loan debt. Fitzgerald notes that misleading information on debt management and repayment such as this is one reason why borrowers feel there is no hope. There is hope! 

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