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Gregory Candelario Revolutionizes the Vitamin Industry with Nutrables Gummy Nutraceuticals

Gone are the days when vitamins and other health supplements came in conventional tablets and capsules, which were too hard to take in for their unpleasant taste. Taking over the vitamins industry today are the new-generation gummy vitamins, offering a better experience for everyone striving for a healthier lifestyle. The global gummy vitamins market size is estimated to be valued at USD 5.9 billion in 2020 and projected to reach USD 10.6 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 12.5%. At the forefront are Gregory Candelario and his renowned company Nutrables, a gummy vitamin manufacturing powerhouse on track to close over $100 million in manufacturing contracts by 2022.

The unprecedented rise of the demand for gummy vitamins may be due to several factors in today’s world. Among the factors to be considered is the pandemic, which has pushed people to boost their immune system since this is a crucial measure in fighting against COVID-19. Moreover, there is also an increasing number of incidences of vitamin deficiency and undernourishment in the population. Fortunately, health-centered advocacies are skyrocketing as well. With this in mind, there is a growing awareness of health supplements, such as gummy vitamins, which are more convenient to consume and pleasant in taste. 

Nutrables is a leading gummy vitamin manufacturer with its new facility opening 1st QTR 2021 for some of the biggest global dietary supplement brands in the United States, carried in stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Costco, and Sam’s Club. Unlike many gummy vitamin companies, this gummy vitamins hub takes on a more health-conscious approach in manufacturing their products. The leading company houses some of the most advanced and high-tech equipment for the manufacturing process. Their products are built in six custom ISO 7 confectionary rooms that are thoroughly disinfected and kept clean. Each room is equipped with state of the art machines capable of producing over one million gummies per hour.

Gregory “Greg” Candelario is the visionary mind behind Nutrables. He has extensive knowledge in the starch-free deposition in organic, clean labels, and the intricacies of microfilm cooking. Furthermore, he is considered one of the leading pioneers in the starch-less confectionary industry throughout the United States. Greg is also most sought after for his expertise in the gummy vitamins market, manufacturing supplements, nutraceuticals, and medicated markets. His primary focus is on creating innovative end-products anchored on low-cost production. Essentially, he is committed to providing the best formulations, equipment, process development, and more. 

Moreover, Nutrables is Arizona’s largest and only USDA Organic Gummy Manufacturer that prides itself in manufacturing starch-less gummies. Throughout the years, it has developed over 50 formulas through starch-less technology. The company produces vegan gummies made from pectin which is derived entirely from plants, not pork skin gelatin; and only uses all-natural ingredients of the best quality with no additives. Many of the products manufactured are ensured to be USDA Organic, kosher, halal, and non-GMO project verified. 

As demand for the gummy vitamin industry continues to rise, Gregory Candelario and Nutrables also continue to revolutionize the gummy vitamins market and take each gummy vitamin brand to the next level by providing only top-tier health-focused products that are inclusive to all.

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