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Guardians of the Wolves Debunking Myths about Wolves and Wolfdogs

Wolves have gotten nothing but bad press for decades, and even now, the wrong impressions still exist with all the available information. But, many times, all it takes is getting closer and learning about a topic to change how one sees things. That is the story of Lori Wynn and her love for wolves and everything about them. She took that love further by establishing Guardians of the Wolves, a nonprofit dedicated to educating the world about wolves and what they represent.

Lori Wynn’s first personal interaction with a wolfdog dates back to 2001 when a Native American man gifted her a wolfdog. After the first one, she got three more and spending her time caring for them grew into a passion that now fuels the drive to keep running Guardians of the Wolves.

The nonprofit is committed to ending the prejudice against wolves and wolfdogs through its three-part approach to preservation which is using education, responsible stewardship/ownership and rescue to preserve the legacy of wolves. Lori Wynn’s goal with Guardians of the Wolves is to see a world where wolves and wolf dogs are well-protected and allowed to survive. In addition, she wants communities worldwide to treat these animals humanely and with kindness and respect.

Guardians of the Wolves is deeply committed to changing people’s misconceptions worldwide against wolves. To do that effectively, it created an ambassador program that gives the wolves a chance to connect with people while showcasing their ecological importance in their natural habitat. “They have been portrayed as villains in the wild for so long, and it is high time we changed that,” Lori said. The nonprofit also does advocacy work on behalf of the wolves so that as many people as possible understand that wolves are not their enemies. According to the Guardians of the Wolves’ website, “Wolves cannot speak for themselves, and it is our job to stand up and speak for them. We are all stewards to the environment, responsible for using and protecting the land and the animals that dwell on it. Wolves play an important role in the ecological balance of the environment, and we speak on their behalf to ensure they have the place nature intended for them.”

More than talking and having conversations, Guardian of the Wolves walks the talks by getting out into the world to rescue wolves in distress. Lori believes that wolves are endangered, and the average human has no idea what to do with them. Even worse are those who willingly decide to own a wolfdog for the sheer reason of looking cool without understanding the challenges of keeping these animals. She, however, supports responsible ownership with education. So Guardians of the Wolves has partnered with animal rescues and sanctuaries around the world to ensure these wolves are kept safe and secure at all times.

As it continues to do its advocacy work, the nonprofit also calls on well-meaning individuals to contribute to the cause and keep wolves safe in the modern world. “We cannot do this alone. Every contribution counts, whether monetary or some acts of kindness. People all over the world are welcome to join the Guardians family in any capacity,” Lori shared. In a few years, Lori hopes to see a world in which people respect and cherish wolves due to the knowledge and understanding they have acquired about the animal.Learn more about Guardians of the Wolves on the official website.

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